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PLANET X Nibiru Found in 1983 HOAX – Bill Cooper Said WHAT!!?? 2002, He died in 2001

Uploaded on Oct 2, 2011

I have been informed by the original uploader Boknowsentertainment that quote “this is actually from http://thelightofdayradioshow.com/PlanetXAlt2.html

Thanks to manchildminister who writes: “This audio track belongs to a series of audio dramas produced by John Dinardo. The voice is not him, but a Pastor (whos name I do not remember right now) that worked with him.

I first heard it from ‘The Light of Day’ radio show website maintained by Sheldon Day. He has a Planet X subpage and all 16 audio dramas from John Dinardo are still up. You can listen and find out: Its the same voice.”
That explains the previous comments:
How can someone (Bill Cooper) discuss January 2002 when he (Bill Cooper) is already dead?

This DOES sound like him but it can’t be. He was murdered in November 2001!”

So did IRAS see Nibiru, Planet X, really in 1983? We will get to that.

BUT FIRSTLY LISTEN TO THIS Bill Cooper says quote “now we find out on the week of January 7th, the year 2002 all of a sudden they are squashing all of this information”.

Didn’t Bill Cooper die November 6th, 2001, so what’s going on here – Im not even sure myself.

On IRAS and their “discovery”

“Many people, including Mr. Hazlewood, claim that NASA actually sighted Planet X in 1983, and it was reported in the Washington Post! The article claims that two scientists named Neugebauer and Houck used the Infrared Astronomy Satellite (called IRAS) and found a Jupiter-sized object a few billion kilometers out from the Sun.”

IRAS was designed to look in the far-infrared, well past what our eyes see. At the time, no one was really sure what it would find. To everyone’s surprise, several bright point sources were found that did not correspond to anything seen on optical images taken of the same areas.

In the press conference, the two scientists said that these objects could be almost anything, from a tenth planet in our solar system to distant galaxies.

Guess which it turned out to be? Sure enough, much deeper images were taken, and some of the objects were found to be dense gas clouds in our own Galaxy, while others turned out to be very distant galaxies.

In fact, these observations heralded the discovery of a new type of object: Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs).

These are galaxies in which there is a burst of stars being born. The cocoons of dust in which the stars are enshrouded generates copious infrared, which is what was detected by IRAS.
They published these results in the prestigious Astrophysical Journal, and you can even read it yourself.

You can read the full article here:

Hoax Alien Invasion Planned – Bill Cooper

Hoax Extraterrestrial Invasion Planned – William Cooper (R.I.P)

William Cooper lecture ‘Behold a pale horse’ (full)

Uploaded on Feb 13, 2011

Amazing lecture by William Cooper

A detailed research into government corruption, secret societies, conspiracies, and the UFO phenomenon.

book: ‘Behold a pale horse’

William Cooper – Amazing Lansing, Michigan Lecture Rare

Uploaded on Jun 15, 2011

William Cooper gives a thought provoking lecture on the Illuminati, Freemasonry, freedom and the origins of mankind and Knowledge according to the Mystery Schools. See also New World Order.

Become DANGEROUS… speak the TRUTH and inform your friends & family!!!

Rest in Peace Bill…

William Milton Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001)


William Cooper Moon Landing Hoax

William Cooper – Moon Gate 1/6th Gravity? (Full Length)

William Cooper – NASA B.S.-Life on Mars (Full Length)

William Coopers Last Broadcast – Cua Viet (11/5/01)

Uploaded on Aug 6, 2011

William Coopers last broadcast on The Hour of The Time
November 5,2001. Episode 1926

william cooper hourofthetime


How William Cooper got killed

Uploaded on Jan 9, 2010

Bill, William, Milt Cooper, known to be one of the forerunners in the movement to inform the public about the secret societies of the New World Order and UFO’s. This segment discusses how he was killed. courtesy of “The Legacy of William Cooper.”

William Cooper Playlist:
William Cooper-Mystery Babylon Series Playlist:

William Cooper 9-11 Playlist:


Meet Bill Cooper : Murdered by George W. Bush & Friends

Bill Cooper is a man everyone should know about. Few actually do. There should be statues of this man in every town across America! There never will be.. He tried to do the right thing, when nobody else even cared what the ‘right thing’ was.

His words are more important now than ever! His message is more true now than ever! He warned of the world we live in today, when I for one, couldn’t even imagine it coming to this. He was murdered for telling the truth, and living by his morals and convictions. A true patriot hero!

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, and research.

Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or special interest, personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

All copyrighted materials contained herein belong to their respective copyright holders, I do not claim ownership over any of these materials. I realize no profit, monetary or otherwise, from the exhibition of this video.

William Cooper – The Legacy & UFOs (FULL)

The Watcher Files with William Cooper:

Zealot Files – Masons Bravely Speak Out:

Yahuwshua is not Jesus — Book of Disclosure:

Zurich Files – Revelations of a Swiss Banker:

Zealot Files – Rosenthal Interview on the Zionist Conspiracy:

William Cooper: Secret Government MJ-12 (Full Length)

This film was derived from VHS. I warn you it starts grainy but it gets better. With that being said, The information you find here is simply amazing. Please take the time to watch the film in its entirety. Please leave comments. What is you take on William Cooper? Mind you this man was assassinated for telling people this information.

Bill Cooper – Alien Agenda – Are Aliens Real? Nephilim, Mars, Moon, Pyramids

William Bill Cooper Alien Agenda Brodacast.

Originally Aired August 22, 1997.

He starts out by talking about, 1000 points of light and Lucifer – the bright and The morning star.

He answers the question, what does the illuminati (mystery schools) have to do with what is happening in the world today. The people in these mystery schools follow the religion of the cosmos. They have a goal to present an external threat to this earth (like they did to the US with Saddam Husein & Osama Bin Laden, a fake external threat that was made to be believed was real), a superior race from another planet.

This will be used to get rid of all nation states and religion to form a one world government. Nasa is one of the main instruments of this deception. Also, the Vatican is behind this and heavily involved.

Apollo space program is a reference to the ancient god, Apollo. Apollo space program crest carries symbolism of Apollo the sun (aka osiris)(isis the moon), constellation of orion, in the center, the 3 pyramids in egypt, and they earth represents the full body of initiates known as horus.

Nasa’s photos have been proven to be faked, so none of them can ever be trusted.

John Dewey said that someone told him that the best way to end all wars forever and unite all humanity on this earth in a world government would be if we were attacked by some other species from some other planet. He said this in 1917.

It was tested in 1938 with Orsen Wells Radio program to see if people would believe this story.

They will say that mars was populated by an ancient race who destroyed their planet in warfare.

At some point in history, they came to earth and populated it with the survivors. When they came here, they had relations with early man and the human race was the result of that mixed group.

This will be the thrust of all that we will hear and it will be used to destroy Christianity. This is the story that the illuminati will push.

They will point to Genesis in the Bible to say that the sons of G-d had relations with the daughters of men and that the sons of G-d are aliens. The nephilim will be said to be the children of humans and aliens.

For Biblical truth on nephilim, visit


How can Christianity or any other religion survive when the world will be presented with what they will believe to be proof that life on this earth was not created by God, but by some advanced extra terrestial advanced race from some other world. And that we have been owned by them and shepherded in our existence all through the history of the world. This is the true purpose of the UFO’s, flying saucers, and abduction reports.

Alien abductions are the result of serious mind control experimentation.

UFO’s exist and are operated by US government and probably several other governments.

For more information, visit http://www.smokescreendesign.com/are-aliens-real.html

Bill Cooper interview CNN Uncut original

William Cooper – The Alex Jones Deception – (1-4-2000)

Alex Jones Covers William Cooper’s Murder

Uploaded on Nov 11, 2011

In the 1990’s Bill befriended a Newspaper Journalist who was an FBI Informer named Glen Jacobs, Jacobs published the Round Valley paper in Eager Arizona .

Now Jacobs was ordered to befriend cooper so he could gain access to cooper’s house and provide sketches for the Feds who believed Bill had an arsenal of Weapons , This wasn’t true as bill had in his possession an old Smith and Western Rifle with a scope.

Bill found out and exposed Jacobs on the air about how he had been betrayed and this resulted in Jacobs admitting to this and offered a public apology during one of Bill’s shows.

Cooper said he would accept Jacob’s apology but would never trust him again.

Glen Jacobs wasn’t finished there though and would later go on to appear on the Alex Jones show the day after Bill was shot and proceed to character assassinate Cooper .

You see Jones had been exposed by Bill over the Y2K Issue and had blew his cover, And he now needed a Patsy to argue against so he could be seen defending Bill hence gaining back some credibility in the Patriot Movement .

So the info wars broadcast on Nov 6th was a closed set with fake callers. Bill had hundreds of friends but Alex chose to call up Glen that day

Bill Cooper in California “The Porterville Presentation” (full)

The Complete 11 hour presentation and lecture by William “Bill” Cooper in Porterville California in 1997.

Bill Cooper in California – The Porterville Presentation – Part 1 of 6

Uploaded on Dec 6, 2011

Bill Cooper in California – The Porterville Presentation (1997)

proudly brought to you by:

C.A.J.I. – Citizen’s Agency for Joint Intelligence

This is the long anticipated release of the Porterville Presentation! This full 2-day, 6-video seminar that Bill Cooper presented in 1997 at Porterville, CA, is the one that Bill himself considered his favorite presentation ever! Each video is about 2 hours in length for a total of nearly 12 hours and covers the entire gamut of Bill’s research including:

A short history of himself

Discussions on how people are influenced

The Ozone and Global Warming hoax

How to understand history and put events in perspective

Does evil really exist?

The official hidden history of mankind as taught by The Mysteries

Symbology of Dealy Plaza

A simply yet complete definition of what the militia really is and why it is important

Zapruder footage and discussion on the Kennedy assasination

Brief details of trusts

Who are the Illuminati really? What is their history?

The story of Isis and Osiris

Symbology of the Rose

Symbology on the US dollar bill

Symbology of triangles and pyramids, Skull and Bones

Detailed slide show of the Moon and Mars

…And much more!


Satan, in hebrew, means “adversary”.

For further info, read Three Inquiries by Walter Balfour here:


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