Strange Creatures

Strange Creature Filmed All Around The World.

Published on Oct 19, 2013

This dragon like creature has been filmed and reported around the world.

Dinosaur caught on Camera

Mysterious Human like creature found in Mexico

Published on Jan 31, 2015

Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence

Published on Mar 30, 2015

Real Mermaid Found – Proof of Mermaids Existence
With all the variations of mermaids that were created in various places around the world, some of the basic types started appearing. Here you can find out more about many types of mermaids that are celebrated and feared by many.

Amazing “Dragon” Footage (REAL Monsters & Demons?)

Real Flying Dragon I Never seen anything like this

Unidentified Creature

Reptilians Among Us – The Alien Race ‘Here’ On Earth – Viewer Discretion (Video)

Thu, October 30, 2014

Published on Oct 29, 2014

Presenting the evidence (yet more of it). You be the judge. Reptiles have been on the earth for millions of years before man ever walked upright. Is it possible that they became the dominant species of earth, using advanced technologies that still, to this day, make human technology look retarded in comparison, millions of years before man ever became intelligent enough to, so much as, know about fire?
It is may be so.

History reveals Reptiles all over the place, in religions, carvings, paintings, etchings and more.
Imagine if they lived in underground cities far away from the peering eyes of humans, manipulating human kind as slaves to the needs of the rulers, the reptilians.

How would they do it? Chameleon’s change color, some reptiles can identify what color an object is ‘in the dark’ and can change to that color ‘in the dark.’ Is it so impossible, or too far fetched to suspect that their may be shape shifter’s out there, capable of altering their appearance (something animals, mammals, insects, and the likes, have been known to do).
How did the Sumerian race know there was ‘water on the moons of Jupiter long before human kind ever knew there were moons around the planet?’ Was another race exchanging intelligence, and technologies with them?
You decide.
Some animals don’t die, they just get bigger, and die if they don’t have enough to sustain their size. Don’t believe me? Go to 53:05 in this video

The subject matter and contentm within this video, does not, in any way, reflect or represent the beliefs of the creator of this video, and is to be taken as mere research into the content of such, herein, subject matter.


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