Nibiru Sunset Slideshow

The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer


Justin Helmer Cool stuff!

  • Sheila Mckenzie Beautiful, Thanks Daniel.

    • Sam Webber Not to sound cliche, but I remember some predictions saying Nibiru would start its solar system entry in 2012 and be nearly past by early 2014.
    Below is a comment tread from this link and then they removed me from their group.
    NIBIRU COMET-H2012 facebook group

    Chev Chelios Its the 2013 Duel Sun Misery revisited!!! AHHHHHHH

    Daniel J Towsey Chev did you watch it? I doubt it…..there is alot more then just two suns. The is a light ray, there is clouds making shadows of themselves above them up in the atmosphere…and more..
    Chev Chelios na mate im on limited Bandwidth until the 20th next month…. Theres no Second Sun mate so im saving it for Porn

    Daniel J Towsey There is a second sun and you can see it in the pic above..
    Chev Chelios i mean there is Duel Sun in our Alternate Timeline but not in my Dimension…. look i feel sorry for Your Dimension it must be cooking HOT
    Daniel J Towsey There is no help for know everything already..
    Chev Chelios Dude i do Research read the Group Rules… im not a newbie Mate Comet-H is HERE to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum…. and we’re all outa Bubblegum…
    Here to help EARTH survive and solve the “2013 Dual Sun Mystery”.

    Mission Rules of COMET-H

    1st RULE: You do not talk about COMET-H.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about COMET-H.
    3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the THREAD is over.
    4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.
    5th RULE: One fight at a time….. unless its Dave.. Then it’s all in…
    6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
    7th RULE: THREADS will go on as long as they have to.
    8th RULE: If this is your first night at COMET-H, you HAVE to POST.
    9th Rule: IT`S ALWAYS COMET-H !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Nibiruan Comet-H Council of 12 is a multidimensional off world council whose members are connected to the planet Nibiru, also known as Comet-H. The Nibiruans are dedicated to the training and successful fullfillment of star seed and walk-in mission.

    The Nibiruan Comet-H Council’s mission is to help prepare humanity for 2012…
    OOP`s 2013 Now… that we can take our rightful place in the galactic community.

    Established in 1969 by NIBURU SON and other Lesser God`s are the Nibiruan Council of 12 in Australia and are representatives of Their off-world counterpart “Chev Chelios”on the planet Nibiru.

    The Nibiruan Council of 12 organization provides a vehicle to diseminate the Nibiruans’ messages to our world.

    Nibiru Comet-H 2012 Doomsday Remix Dave Greg Songify Cockblocked

    The Nibiruan Comet-H Council of 12 is a multidimensional off world council whose members are connected to the planet Nibiru, also known as Comet-H. The Nibir…

    Chev Chelios i know all about the DUEL SUN MYSTERY i wasnt Mocking you

    Chev Chelios there is NO DUEL SUN in My Timeline….. Maybe in yours an millions of others but not in Mine!

    Daniel J Towsey who is talking about cometx except for you?

    Chev Chelios i dont belive in Nibiru mate…. Comet-H is the word COMETH with a dash of – Fun you smart arse fuk!

    Daniel J Towsey my my are we having a childish tantrum?

    Chev Chelios This Group has your Name on it join it Debate it as much as you like but theres not Duel Sun
    2013 Dual Sun Mystery
    The mission of this group is news and updates regarding Earth’s Dual Sun mystery Issues such as: Does Earth have a Dual Sun, such as Planet X, Nibiru, etc, Is the Dual Sun scheduled for a near-term…
    565 members · Join Group
    Chev Chelios no i just enjoy telling pricks to fuk off

    Daniel J Towsey your the one with the problem and thiinks he knows it all..There is no debating that..and you are deaf dumb and really blind..
    Daniel J Towsey Chev what can I need facebook to feel powerful where you can call people names and offend are soo childish..
    Daniel J Towsey just go to youtube and search for two suns or just do a search ..just because you never stair at the sun and never saw does not mean it is not so

    Mike Grimes i looked and looked for two years at different altitudes……still nothing.

    Mike Grimes get careful what you believe on you tube…alot of folks get off by creating photos and videos for weak minded folks to grasp hold of.

    Daniel J Towsey you would not be able to see it with the naked eye..the sun in front it to bright and you would have to be a pro photographer that understands how to use clouds as a natural light filter like I did.

    Chev Chelios

    Nancy Leider: Kill your Pets Before the ’03 Pole Shift
    This is from an interview that was conducted by KROQ in LA. Certain people don’t want this information out there, but it needs to be heard. I’ve been warned …

    Chev Chelios oh its on YOUTUBE!!!! it must be True….. do you watch them videos because you cant fuken Read?

    Chev Chelios or go out side and look at the sun through an old Flppy disc???

    Mike Grimes if you didnt see the pic i posted above…i have over 20k in optics…..nothing yet.

    Daniel J Towsey chev …everything on youtube is wrong and you know that for sure because you never use youtube..I am sure you think you are to smart for the billions of people on proved my point

    Daniel J Towsey you are dumber then an idiot

    Rebecca Eatmyarrow Tank-Girl Dan….
    Rebecca Eatmyarrow Tank-Girl’s photo.

    Chev Chelios i love Youtube.. heres a Video i made when you were still hiding under your mums Dress from the Second Sun
    Nibiru Comet-H 2012 Doomsday Remix Dave Greg Songify Cockblocked
    The Nibiruan Comet-H Council of 12 is a multidimensional off world council whose…See More

    Rebecca Eatmyarrow Tank-Girl if you cant handle the heat Newbie.. get out of the kitchen..

    Daniel J Towsey whos the newbie?

    Daniel J Towsey type my name in a search engine or type in A Truth Soldier….

    end of facebook comment tread.


    This is really strange..I got a pop up on my screan saying that Chev Chelios is following me on Facebook. So I check and he is not on my friends list then I clcik on his name to go check out his profile.

    Then I click on the little star icon and click on blocking him.. Nothing happens.

    Then I try again and I get this really strange message. See the screen capture I took below..

    So this guy was a covert professional Facebook troll and I caught him. Then Facebook tries to make him dissappear..

    Facebook hates it when people do screen captures of their covert activities.

    fake facebook profileI trided this link to his profile and the page wont load and stay blank..Amazing how Facebook can tamper with browsers.. That is why I use standalone browsers.

    WOW I just checked the link to this group. and it is also gone.

    Facebook content not available

    Maybe Facebook did a good thing and removed this vulgar guy and his Facebook group…


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