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Unknown object in the streets of china

Published on Mar 20, 2016

Colossus Certified Biological in origin by MFU

Colossus and many ancient statuary was originally really alive. The evidence is quite sufficient to make that claim

13,000 Year Old Satellite “Black Knight” Origins Discovered

Strange boxes spark UFO rumors Strange Metal Boxes On Oregon Coast

Do NOT Visit This Mexico Desert

HUDSON’S BAY CANADA: Scientists find place on earth where GRAVITY hardly exists!

AMAZING: Dreadlocked woman found in a 1.5 billion year old spacecraft!!!

Is This a Huge Million-Year-Old, Man-Made Underground Complex?

Published on Jul 13, 2016

Most archaeologists and historians agree that human civilization only emerged some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Yet many researchers have drawn attention to artifacts and various other evidence of advanced civilizations long before this, even millions of years earlier.

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Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China

Published on Mar 22, 2016
Gawping crowds caught the bizarre natural phenomenon on camera, and watched in awe as towering skyscrapers seemed to appear in the clouds.

The ghost-like buildings dominated the skies for minutes on Friday in Dalian, China.

The stunning footage shows the spooky structures appear in smog above a lake.

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DAHBOO77 Floating Cities 2015:

Mysterious 800 Million yr old Maiden Preserved SLEEPING – in unknown Substance – Russia

Published on Jan 6, 2016

Age of burial according to the professor is at least 800 million years old!
– Tisulsky Princess — Girl in a Casket — Age of Burial According to the Professor Is at Least 800 Million Years Old!
– Mysterious Maiden 800 Million Years Old PRESERVED as if
SLEEPING – Tisulsky Raion Sarcophagus found in Russia.

Disappearing Plane Landed after 37 Years

Published on Mar 23, 2016

As a flying phantom the charter flight DC-4 with 57 passengers on board landed in Caracas, Venezuela in 1992 after the plane disappeared in 1955 during it’s flight from New York to Miami! In a few minutes the ghost-plane took off and disappeared again in the clouds! The reports of the witnesses and record of the radio contact between the pilot and the control tower of the airport make undeniable evidence that this mystic landing had really taken place. So there are also the airport control service stuff’s testimony, the
descriptions of people who saw this, coincided as the deputy, minister of civil defense, Ramon Estovar had reported. But the main proof, according to mr. Estovar, is a hand-size calendar dated 1955, which
the pilot of the ghost-plane had dropped on the runway of few seconds before the plane DC-4 took of and hid in the sky.

This Will Blow Your Mind: What in the World Just Appeared Over Mexico?!

Published on Mar 30, 2016


ublished on Mar 31, 2016

The Nibiru System On ITALY
13th March 2016 – Webcam Record
Two Suns and One Planet(Sun-Nemesis-Nibiru)

Alien Mysteries: Alien City Filmed In The Clouds Over Foshan, China.

Published on Oct 15, 2015

Floating City In Clouds Over China 2015 – Real Live Video Footage


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