Hybrid Human Aliens

Shocking New DNA Results Stun Experts & Forever Change History!

Published on Sep 28, 2016

Wait until you hear what is revealed in this video-it is absolutely amazing, and then some!
“If these results hold,” writes Brien Foerster on his website Hidden Inca Tours, “the history of the migration of people to the Americas is far more complex than we have been told previously.”
If these results are confirmed through further tests, it means that peoples from Europe and the Middle East migrated to the Americas long before it is conventionally believed.
Marzulli said that mainstream academics will probably attack these results by pointing to the fact that he is not a scientist, but he urges any skeptic to replicate the study. “Attack the evidence folks. Go down and get your own samples, pay for a DNA lab and then come back to me with your science… do some science like we’ve done,” he said. The full lab reports of the DNA tests are available in LA Marzulli’s book Nephilim Hybrids.
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Hybrid Human Alien Children – Part 1 – Bridget Nielsen

Published on Oct 15, 2014

Bridget Nielsen explains the Alien Hybridization program that is responsible for her bearing 10 Alien Hybrid babies through dream-state on an Alien craft. http://www.unionmag.co.uk

UNION magazine is available at http://www.unionmag.co.uk


Filmed in the shadows of Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona.


Bridget Nielsen Interview – Hybrid Children

Published on Jun 11, 2015

Bridget is an author, artist, intuitive, medium, adventurer, raw chef and new world eco-pioneer. Through imagination and creativity, she fuses her expressions to lead a life of joy and excitement! One of her major life themes is to BRIDG-ET. She bridges and merges extra-terrestrial beings with their human family, as an initial stage of First Contact. Her primary focus, since early 2012, has been to create digital platforms to spread global awareness and remembrance about hybrid children. One of her great passions is connecting human parents with their hybrid children, created through the hybridization abduction program, to bridge contact and galactic expansion on Earth.

Check out her websites:

See the full episode where Bridget helps Reuben connect to his own Hybrid Child. Episode 6 https://vimeo.com/ondemand/intervieww…

Autisum healed with love: https://youtu.be/VTS0dN3E7TU?list=LLB…

Interview conducted at http://www.angelvalley.org/

How The Hybrid Children Are Genetically Created – Bridget Nielsen

Published on Jul 31, 2014

Click the link to read more about hybrid genetics: http://bit.ly/1rIIU9C

The Hybrid Children were/are created by a combination of human and extraterrestrial genetics. The Greys/Zeta Reticuli extract the ET genetics within us (Arcturan, Sirian, Pleiadian, Obsilo, Orion, Anunaki, Zeta Reticuli) to create children with a particular physical and energetic resonance. Watch the video to explore more…

*Hominid – APE, not Homo Sapien.

Shards of the Fractured Mirror

Hybrid Human Alien Children – Part 2 – Aluna Verse

Published on Oct 16, 2014

In the second part in our series on Mothers who claim to have Hybrid Alien Children Aluna Verse describes life with three Alien Hybrid Babies.


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