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They Can’t Dig more than 12 KM into the Earth

Published on Oct 7, 2016


Published on May 5, 2017

source: ancient-code.com
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Their main goal was set at 15,000 meters, however, drilling was halted when they reached 12,262 meters. The Kola Superdeep Borehole—aka Door to Hell—reached rocks of the Archaean age (greater than 2.5 billion years old) at the bottom. It is the deepest artificial point on our planet, and what scientists found at the bottom is beyond fascinating.

Flat Earth Leads To The Next “Biggest Lie Ever” – Flat Earth And The Book Of Enoch

Published on Feb 23, 2016

Realization of the biggest lie ever… the truth about the shape of the Earth…and obviousness of it’s creation, leads to the realization that God must be real, but more than that… Through researching ancient scripture to learn more about the functions of the heavenly bodies, we learn that Scripture is more amazing, and scientifically precise than has been previously accepted.

The volume’s low through the first 15 mins.(fix soon) The sections are:
00:00:01 – 15 mins Intro
00:00:15 – The Book Of The Watchers (R.H Charles’ Translation)
00:59:36 – The Book Of The Course of The Heavenly Luminaries *Flat Earth*
01:21:49 – The Secrets Of Enoch *Flat Earth*
02:02:14 – Weather, Tides, Snow, The Water Cycle through the Firmament *Flat Earth*
02:10:37 – First Parable: From The Death Of Noah To The Exodus
02:14:00 – Israel In The Desert, The Giving Of The Law, The Entrance Into Palestine
02:16:44 – Enoch’s Second Parable
——–The Flood———-
02:39:35 – The Deluge Of The Chaldeans *Flat Earth* Sacerdotal Library Of Uruk
03:01:48 – The Book Of Baruch, Baruch’s Prophetic Vision (OT Apocrypha)*Flat Earth*
03:43:07 – The Book Of Giants (OT Apocrypha)The Oath That Holds Up The Earth (Pika) *Flat Earth*
03:56:50 – The Book of Giants … Aryan – Vedan Giants At The North Pole *Flat Earth*
04:19:25 – Summary Of Book Of Giants…
05:00:47 – Conclusion…(and extra cutscenes) *Flat Earth*

The book of Enoch, Apocalypse of Baruch and many other texts are considered ‘OT Apocrypha’, and were removed during the council at Laodicea. Other sections were removed during the council of Nicea as well as at other councils. Enoch is part of the original 88 books of the bible. The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch;[1] Ge’ez: መጽሐፈ ሄኖክ mätṣḥäfä henok) is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, although modern scholars estimate the older sections to date from about 300 BC, and the latest part probably to the first century BC.

It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church. It is wholly extant only in the Ge’ez language, with Aramaic fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls and a few Greek and Latin fragments. No Hebrew version is known to have survived and it is asserted in the book itself that its author was Enoch, before the Biblical Flood.

The authors of the New Testament were familiar with the content of the story and influenced by it: a short section of 1 Enoch is quoted in the New Testament Jude 1:14–15, and is attributed there to “Enoch the Seventh from Adam”. The text was used by the community that collected the Dead Scrolls and was widely known during the development of the Hebrew Bible.

Viewer: How did the Greek Philosophers know of God? How could Plato devise his theory of the World of Ideas without the Bible telling Him God was the Creator of all things? 400 years before Paul wrote ‘In Him you move and have your being’ Plato wrote that ALL OF CREATION exists in the MIND OF GOD and that ALL life is animated by God simply thinking about it.

In fact in over 2200 cultures dating between 5000 and 7000 years ago, ALL had a supreme GOD and an ADVERSARY and demi-gods who served both. They ALL had ONE CREATOR SUPREME GOD who made the Universe, the earth, nature, animals, and human beings. They all shared a SIN CONCEPT.

They all shared a JUDGEMENT AFTER DEATH CONCEPT. They all shared a PARADISE in the afterlife CONCEPT and they all shared the CONCEPT OF HELL or the UNDERWORLD where humans were punished based on the Judgement they received from their Creator and HIS COUNSEL.

The gospel would have NEVER been necessary nor would a REDEEMER have been necessary without ALL of the aforementioned. All authentic ancient religions from Hinduism to Christianity to even religions we have no name for other than the culture that practiced them have the same basic principles. These cultures many of them had ZERO contact with each other.

You had Natives of North America from South of Peru all the way to what is now Canada who had ZERO contact with Mesopotamians and Egyptians. But they had the same Pantheon of gods, the same religious concepts of SIN, JUDGEMENT, PARADISE, and HELL.

These date to 2000-3000 years BEFORE Christ came to the earth. So who preached these ancient concepts to the ENTIRE world 5000 to 7000 years ago? Laws of Probability and Statistics dictate there is no possibility they ALL made up the same exact religious concepts along with their GODS. So who told them?

The Books Of Enoch: COMPLETE EDITION, All 3 Books – Flat Earth

The book of Enoch contains the ancient story of the giants, the fallen angels and finally the apocalypse of Enoch (aka 3 Enoch, the ascension of Enoch) as he ascends into heaven. Considered to be one of the oldest books in the world, attributed to the patriarch Enoch himself, 7th in line from Adam, and having been written before the flood, this book contains some of the most groundbreaking information ever recorded. Including, “the book of the course of the heavenly luminaries”, which maps out the perfect year, the rulers of the four major epochs, the exact natures of the movements of the planets and the sun and moon, and SO much more.

VIDEO PROOF No One Has Been To Space!! (NASA CAUGHT in Space

Published on Oct 30, 2016

WATCH ALL THE FLAT EARTH PROOFS HERE – No one rides on space rockets .

WATCH ALL THE FLAT EARTH PROOFS HERE – To me.. this video shows .

100% PROOF! Earth is Flat – Complete Video flat earth and islam, flat earth and quran, flat earth and gps, flat earth and solar eclipse, flat earth answers, flat earth .

Reffi knocks out the Globe Sorry for my weird accent. English is not my main language. GoFast 2014 HD OnBoard Cameras

Earth’s True Size And Shape, Flat Earth

Published on Oct 30, 2016

We have been deceived about both the shape and size of the earth. By using nautical miles, we can begin to calculate the actual size of the earth as well as the .

In this video I read from Samuel Birley Rowbotham’s Zetetic Astronomy. In particular, Chapter 4: Earth’s True Form And Magnitude, which has some very .

We have been deceived about both the shape and size of the earth. By using nautical miles, we can begin to calculate the actual size of the earth as well as the .

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The ONLY Flat Earth proof you will ever need! 2016

Published on Oct 31, 2016

Wake up people. You are not on a ball. 24901 mile circumference can’t be proven. NASA is masonic. Accept it.

Must see. 2 Rockets hit the dome on flat earth

Published on Oct 31, 2016

Answers for FE theory Original video taken from ODD TV. Keep a open mind when watching this video and you make up your mind and do your research .

Is Earth Actually Flat?

Published on Nov 8, 2016

Original video from Senior Desk Astrolabe, an ancient instrument review: many photos, .


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