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Afghanistan Vimana found in Afghanistan Cave, 8 US Soldiers Disappear 5000 year old Vimana movie UFO

Published on Jun 15, 2017
Several leaders of the western world visited in December of 2010 the same isolated Afghan village… including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama.
The real reason for the synchronized visits of several heads of state would never have been revealed but for one rare leak from a Russian internal government report, which exposed the archeological discovery made accidentally by the US military.
The caves that riddle Afghanistan range from small man-made dugouts to vast natural underground labyrinths. Following any major offensive by US troops on the ground, the job is not done until the caves are cleared out. After the battle it is uncommon to find live enemy combatants remaining behind in the area, including stragglers in caves. However the cavern networks must still be cleared of abandoned military equipment. In one such cavern in a remote arm of the Islamic Republic US Army troops were sent in to “mop up” an enemy bunker.
They discovered no ordinance. Instead they found a collection of ancient tablets inscribed with Hindu script, including one which they called the “treasure map”. This map led them further down a large branch of the cave where they found an enormous vehicle half-buried in the wall.
The tablets were submitted for translation to Sanskrit expert Dr. Ruth Reyna at University of Chandrigarh in the Punjab of India. One tablet made reference to the vehicle. The Vimana was five thousand years old. The flying machine had been the property of the great prophet Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra. Because his teachings covered heaven and hell, free will and the concept of a messiah, the beliefs of Zoroaster are now considered the foundation of three later religions… Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
After the discovery of the Vimana the American troops were commanded to free the craft by digging into the wall surrounding it. They met immediately with two defense mechanisms incorporated into the ship. The surface of the metal hull was exceptionally cool to the touch. Soldiers were ordered to wear double-layer cold weather gloves after several men contracted frostbite from brushing against the hull.
The wall consisted only of sedimentary rock sandstone and should have been easy to excavate but neither shovel nor pick could make a dent in the sediment. The Vimana was generating an invisible force field protecting itself against extraction. This meant that after after five millenia the machine was still under power. Its force field was the phenomena once described by Albert Einstein as a “time well”, which in additon to protecting the vehicle from tampering also held it in stasis and prevented it from aging.
The US government coveted the secret of the Vimana’s perpetual power source. A warning contained in the ancient tablets was ignored, a warning against meddling with its resting place. For this mistake eight soldiers would suffer the ultimate consequence.
The plan was to attack the integrity of the exposed hull with a special drill. This attempt by the second squad of Bravo Company activated the third defense mechanism of the vessel. In a matter of seconds, one by one, members of the squad began to wink out of existence.
A total of eight servicemen went missing in action. Only the operator of the work lights, who quickly abandoned his post, would live to tell the tale. License links may all be found at

The Discovery Of ‘Vimana’ secret 5000 years flying machine

Farmer Knocks Over A Stone And Uncovers The Hidden Entrance To A Thousand-Year-Old Secret

Published on Nov 22, 2017

3000 Year Old Text, Most Accurate Description Of Earth Ever! (Wake Up)

Published on Dec 6, 2016

The most advanced scientific knowledge ever disclosed, was done over 3000 years ago by Enoch, in this, the ‘Book of the Heavenly Luminaries’, or, in contemporary terms the Book Of The Stars.

How could he, (a desert dweller 3000yrs ago), have known this? If God isn’t real, how did Enoch come up with this? Why does it so perfectly match up with all the other texts at the time like: the Book of Giants, the Qumran caves texts, the dead sea scrolls, and the Manichaean texts? Skeptics, I guess, will say he dreamed it all up, but then how do they explain away ALL of the prophetic events of this and many other texts that came true?

The Book of Revelations? the OT’s knowledge of the earth? the coming of Jesus? (it’s funny people refute that, as there are many people who reported being there, seeing him crucified, read the “Gospel of Nicodemus” for one example) the perfect descriptions of the divisions of the year? , the peoples of the earth and their genealogies, the perfect matchup with our knowledge of the oldest cultures and languages?… and/or the (still to this day) perfect descriptions of WORLDWIDE natural phenomena and plant species? Lucky guesses!?

What would be the odds against GUESSING to such an extent? ….astronomical…lol. This book has, and will continue to, stand the test of time. It’s accuracy and elegant simplicity will fly in the face of all scrutiny. All those who doubt the power of the holy bible, and it’s perfect truth, will be amazed to utter beguilement.

7000 year old city discovered in Egypt.. IRON TOOLS FOUND ! = Sphinx Civilization? Concrete?

Published on Dec 22, 2016

Ok, in the video I point out that the two tombs, which accompany the various articles about the discovery of the ‘7000 year old city’ are ambiguously pointed out in various article as discovered ‘in addition’ to the #7000_year_old_ city, they may derive from the date noted OR they may be 1st dynasty. (~3100 BC) What puzzles me is why they are contrasted to the ‘smaller’ 1st dynasty tombs of #Abydos, indicating to me they may be from the earlier period. This, and the use of Iron Tools would imply a cultural DECLINE, which explains why little has been found from immediately before 3100 BC. Was this the time of one of the ‘floods?’

What is striking is the discovery of #IRON_TOOLS, possibly from the 5316 BC site, and that for more than a century, #Norman_Lockyer has been derided for pointing out that many New-Kingdom and older Egyptian temples in fact point to stars from many millennia earlier!

Look, Iron Tool usage implies several things… adjoining and associated technologies… a high developed political system, division of labour, CIVILIZATION, already many thousands of years old, literacy, libraries. Did the mythical king THOTH, live in this time? Was this the ‘time of the gods?’ What time of Egyptian history did the ‘nine’ make their appearance? These are many unanswered questions!

I suppose the reported date of 5316 BC is carbon tested. Egypt may have been forested, or already undergoing mass deforestation by this time. This would of course date to the Holocene Warm Period, a time of great prosperity and warmth.

Link to Holocene Warm Period:… #Holocene_Climate_Optimum…


Traces of Ancient Advanced Civilization // Ancient Man was NOT primitive

Published on Apr 22, 2015

The facts are undeniable evidence that the ancient gods – representatives of advanced civilization with high technology – is indeed a reality, and not a fiction nor fantasy of our ancestors. This not only makes us radically revise the image of the ancient history of mankind, but also gives us a unique chance to penetrate into the knowledge and technology of the gods’ civilization, to use this knowledge and technology for the development and enhancing our own civilization.
Alternative History Lab –…
Evolution Theory MODERN MYTH // Ancient Man was NOT primitive…
Traces of Ancient Advanced Civilization – Understanding Of The Nephilim:…

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200,000 Year Old Ancient Levitation Technology That Defies the Laws of Physics

Ancient Greek History – Minoan Civilization – 1.5

Published on Sep 12, 2012

Was Neanderthal shot by a time traveler?

Published on Sep 27, 2016

ONE day in 1922, near Broken Hill, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), a skull was found. When it came to the attention of the British Museum, the curators were pleased.
But the Broken Hill skull was special for other reasons. On the left side of the cranium was a small, perfectly round hole. At first it was assumed that it had been made by a spear, or other sharp implement, but further investigation proved that this had not been the case.

Read here:…

The neanderthals dark secret

Was Neanderthal shot by a time traveler?

Published on Sep 27, 2016

ONE day in 1922, near Broken Hill, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), a skull was found. When it came to the attention of the British Museum, the curators were pleased.
But the Broken Hill skull was special for other reasons. On the left side of the cranium was a small, perfectly round hole. At first it was assumed that it had been made by a spear, or other sharp implement, but further investigation proved that this had not been the case.

Read here:…

Researchers in China discover a 300 million year old screw embedded into rock

Published on Jul 24, 2016

The Lanzhou screw is another mysterious object discovered in recent years that seems to challenge mainstream archaeology and history. It was discovered in 2002, and has since then, generated great amount of attention among collectors and researchers alike.

Read here:…

Discoveries That Will Change History: Ancient Romans In America and DWARKA

Published on Dec 24, 2015
They say the find will “re-write history” as it reveals ancient mariners visited the New World well before the great explorer.

A Roman sword, a legionnaire’s whistle, Gold Carthage coins, part of a Roman shield and a Roman head sculpture were found on an island in Canada.

Lead historian Jovan Hutton Pulitzer believes the haul is firm evidence the great empire landed there first and is the “single most important discovery” ever for the Americas.

It remains unclear how ancient Romans could have made the epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean but, according to the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (AAPS), the haul was discovered in a shipwreck off Oak Island on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Mr Pulitzer said: “The ceremonial sword is 100 per cent confirmed as Roman.

“I began my forensic work into it using an XRF analyser – which is a leading archaeological tool for analysing metals.

“And we found all these other metals that tell you this was made from ore that came directly from the ground.

“It has the same arsenic and lead signature in it. We’ve been able to test this sword against another one like it and it matches.”
Dwarka, which translated means “gateway,” is an ancient city submerged off the coast of India that has also come to be known as “The Atlantis of the East.” In fact, it is not one city, but two cities that are larger than Manhattan Island, and artifacts recovered from those cities thus far place the city at around 32,000 years old.

Stories passed down over the ages, tell the tale of a greatly advanced city with amazing technology for its time, including but not limited to “flying crafts.” As you’ll learn in the video below, the site underwent excavation for almost 30 years, until one day it was suddenly stopped abruptly, without any word as to why. I’ll suggest why I believe it was stopped later.

Dwarka lost sumerge city (Underwater)

Published on Aug 26, 2015

Years back Indian scientists ‘accidentally’ discovered the lost city of Dwaraka, submerged in the north-western coast of Arabian Sea, near the Gulf of Cambay or Khambat. Dwarka, one of the best-studied underwater sites in India, has commanded much attraction, because the site is considered as one of the four Dhamas (sacred place for pilgrimage) of the Hindu religion.

According to ancient Sanskrit literature, Lord Krishna founded the holy city of Dwarka, which subsequently got submerged under sea.
The first archaeological excavations at Dwaraka were done by the Deccan College , Pune and the Department of Archaeology, Government of Gujarat, in 1963. Since 1983 the Marine Archaeology Unit of the National Institute of Oceanography is engaged in the offshore exploration and excavation of the legendary city of Dwaraka.

A few years ago a team of scientists were stunned to see images of objects and things, completely alien to the marine domain. Marine archaeological explorations of Dwarka have brought to light a large number of stone structures, which are semicircular, rectangular and square in shape in water depth ranging from inter tidal zone to 6 m.

They are randomly scattered over a vast area. Samples collected include artifacts, wood pieces, pottery materials, hearth pieces and animal bones which were sent for analysis and dating.

On analysis and dating of the samples collected it was found that the samples were about 9000 years old, about the same time when the Ice Age ended. Some of the artifacts discovered dated as far back as 32,000 years. Perhaps, this is the discovery of one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind.
Besides these structures, a large number of varieties of stone anchors have been noticed along the structures as well as beyond 6 m water depth. These findings suggest that Dwarka probably one of the most busy port centres during the past on the west coast of India. Dr. S R Rao has written: “The discovery of the legendary city of Dwaraka which is said to have been founded by Sri Krishna, is an important landmark in the history of India. It has set to rest the doubts expressed by historians about the historic ciity of Mahabharata and the very existence of Dwaraka city.

It has greatly narrowed the gap in Indian history by establishing the continuity of the Indian civilization from the Vedic Age to the present day.”
The modern city of Dwarka is located in the Jamnagar District of Gujarat. The city lies in the westernmost part of India. Dwarka is a relatively flat region at sea level, having an average elevation of 0 metres.

The present temple was built from 6th to 7th century. It is believed to have been built by Krishna’s great grandson, King Vajra.
The 5-storied temple is made of limestone and sand. A flag is hoisted in the temple tower five times each day.

There are two gateways – Swarga Dwar (Heaven Gate), where pilgrims enter, and Moksha Dwar (Salvation Gate), where pilgrims exit. From the temple one can view the Sangam (confluence) of River Gomati flowing towards the sea.

In Dwaraka, there are also shrines for Vasudeva, Devaki, Balarama and Revati, Subhadra, Rukmini Devi, Jambavati Devi and Satyabhama Devi.
“On the same day that Krishna departed from the earth the powerful dark-bodied Kali Age descended. The oceans rose and submerged the whole of Dwaraka.”

Ancient High Technological Device In The Cairo Egyptian Museum
One of the most intriguing and mislabeled artifacts in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo is a plate like work made out of stone which many academics think was for flowers or fruit. However, when engineers look at it they tend to believe that is part of an ancient high technology machine, possibly older than the dynastic Egyptians themselves.
Come and see it with us in April 2016 with

Dead Men’s Secrets – George Gordon forbidden archeology (Full Length).flv

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2011

interesting information on secret societies,human origin annunaki egypt mayans etc


Published on May 11, 2013

NOTE: The audio goes out around the 10 minute mark so look at the pictures and then go to 21 minutes and the audio resumes where it left off…none of it is missing.

I don’t know why it does that and I can’t fix it without replacing the whole thing and it took over two weeks to make and then 27 hours to upload.

So, just look at the pics and then go to 20 minutes and it picks up. So very sorry for that. Thanks!

An older interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory with David Hatcher Childress discussing the Egyptian city found in 1909 underneath the Grand Canyon.

This interview covered a multitude of subjects, not only the Egyptian city, but the Olmecs, the Maya, Vimanas, ancient technology, the Pyramids and Ziggurats, UFOs and artifacts on the moon (with the video showing as they talk about it…did you know the moon has pyramids? All this is discussed in this interesting and captivating interview with Mr. Childress.



The Amazing History of the Moai Easter Island Statues

Easter Island is located in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean, and is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands.

The Restoration of Easter Island

The Ahu shrine was the first major restoration project to take place on Easter Island, and was carried out by archaeologists Gonzalo Figueroa and William Mulloy in the 1960s.

According to Lost Civilizations, the Moai Easter Island statues were toppled in tribal wars approximately 250 years ago, and as a consequence of that, many of the Moai statues were found lying face down in the ground.

Part of the restoration of the Moai, as with the statues at Ahu, was to raise the statues to their original positions.

During the excavation and restoration of the Ahu site, several cremation pits were also uncovered, containing fragments of fishing tools, bones and shells, and casting some evidence that the site may have been used for regular cremations and burials.

As in any spot of great historical importance, stories behind the artifacts are often appended with a blend of evidence and legend.

The Moai Easter Island statues are certainly not without their of own folklore and legends.

One such legend is that the seven statues at the Ahu site on the island represent seven brave young explorers that the Polynesian king, Hotu Matu’a, dispatched from across the ocean, with an order to find a new homeland for himself and his people.

Folklore or fact, we cannot escape that Easter Island is a fascinating place and what aids its captivation is the fact that the mystery behind why these giant monolithic statues were carved has never been and is unlikely to ever be completely solved.

Image Credits:

(1) Ndecam via Compfight cc

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The Amazing History of the Moai Easter Island Statues

Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. Polynesian people settled on Easter Island in the first millennium BCE, and created a thriving culture, as evidenced by the Moai and other artifacts found. Easter Island is famous for its 887 monumental statues, called Moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people.

There is allot of controversy over how the Moai were created and moved around the island. Some say rollers and other human made techniques were used to place these giant statues.

Others may say that Ancient Alien visitors were responsible for the Moai placement using anti gravity devices or some other form of exotic tech. One legend states that the Moai simply walked to their locations.

We may never know! One thing I found extremely interesting is that the Moai heads also have bodies attached that go down into the earth 15 – 20+ feet.

Easter Island statues dug up

Examining the photo of the Moai above, I noticed that there is a very distinct line where the Moai have been buried and where the Easter Island heads were exposed.

This is to be expected. The curious thing to me is that below the line there is incredible detail from the line down. If the Moai have been buried through out the passage of time, a gradual aging process would occur from the bottom to the top.

The base would be in the best condition being the first to be covered up and the top of the head should be in the worst since it is the longest exposed. But this does not happen, WHY? It looks to me as if the Moai have been buried in a single instance. Some in odd positions like the one pictured below.

Fallen statues

Why didnt this Moai statue fall completely? Could it be that the ancient floods initial wave knocked it over and deposited dirt and other debris around this statue as it fell?

How could this happen to such massive statues? My theory is that the ancient flood of Moses washed over these statues.

Pushing up the dirt around the Moai Knocking some of them over and encapsulating them as they are falling.

When waves make landfall they push sand and dirt upwards while also dragging material down and out as the wave recedes.

This image above shows what I would expect to see from such an event. Higher levels of dirt pushed up against the rocks and gradually lowering down.

Ancient Drilling Technology – Mahabalipuram, India

A few videos back I showed you the ancient drilling technology in Thanjavur with minute holes that were just 3 millimeters wide. Today, we are in Mahabalipuram in India, and I am going to show you some ancient drilling that’s even stranger. How about drilling a giant hole that is 8 feet wide on a granite rock?

As we know Granite is one of the hardest rocks in the world and today we use diamond tipped tools and laser to make drills in it. How could they drill a humongous hole like this 1300 years ago?

With a diameter of 8 feet, you can see how perfect it looks. The circumference is a perfect circle. And the hole is 5 feet deep. Academics think that this was carved with chisels and hammers. Think about this, this drill was done at least 1300 years ago, when the value of PI was not even invented. According to conventional history, People did not use any complex tools. But how can a perfect circle that is 8 feet wide be carved on a rock. If they had to use chisels and hammers, where would you even start the carving?

If it was true, at one point, there must have been a dozen people sitting inside this chiseling away to make it a perfect circle. This would have taken years. Let me show you the walls, and you can see that there are no imperfections at all. It looks so smooth and looks like it is made with a modern machine.

Now, here is a bigger question. Why would they need to create a perfect cylinder out of a rock? If you wanted a well for water, you can dig one with much less manual labor. If you wanted to create a water tank, you can just use pots or metal vessels. Why would you need to create something like this out of a granite rock?

And what is the reason behind making it a perfect circle? I mean even water wells or tanks don’t need this much of effort. Was it used to fit something that was a perfect cylinder? I have asked several people here and nobody knows the reason behind this giant hole drilled out of this rock. I would really appreciate if you can tell me why such a thing would be needed.

Please visit for intriguing and interesting places on the planet

Peru’s Ancient Cave Of Dangerous Energies

In a side valley near the Sacred Valley of Peru there is a cave which contains 2 amazing megalithic works attributed to the Inca, but clearly far older. In this video we explore this site with Cusco PhD anthropologist Theo Paredes, who offers amazing insight and wisdom.

Ancient Discoveries Series 1 Episode 1: Ancient Computer – The Antikythera Mechanism

Wild Dream Films presents the first ever episode of Ancient Discoveries, in which the origins of the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, a computer-like device that may have been used to calculate the movements of stars and planets, are explored. It also highlights ancient inventors Archimedes and Ctesibius.

Ancient Discoveries Series 1 Episode 2: Galen, Doctor to the Gladiators

Published on Nov 21, 2014

This episode discusses ancient medical devices and procedures, and profiles the Greek physician Galen, who practiced eye and brain surgery 2,000 years ahead of his time


Join Researcher David Hatcher Childress and British Engineer Christopher Dunn as they journey to Cuzco in the Andes Mountains to examine evidence for the possible use of advanced rock-machining techniques.

Going to ancient cities and megalithic quarries, they again examine saw marks, advanced lifting and moving techniques, as well as evidence of Pre-Incan megalith builders at Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo.

They continue on to Lake Titicaca where they investigate the strange megalithic towers and a “stargate” cut into solid rock.

Finally they examine the huge granite megaliths at Tiwanaku and Puma Punku for signs of the use of power tools and other advanced, ancient technology.

Blows the lid off South American archeology with evidence of advanced ancient technology thousands of years old.

520 Million Year Old Sea Monster with Preserved Brain Unearthed

The extremely well preserved fossil remains of an ancient shrimp-like predator have been discovered.

The fossilized Lyrarapax unguispinus was unearthed in China and exhibited a level of preservation so impressive that even its brain and nervous system could still be identified.

Part of a group of shrimp-like creatures known as anomalocaridids, Lyrarapax would have preyed upon the inhabitants of the Cambrian seas with its deadly cone-shaped mouth and bladed body armor.

While not particularly large by today’s standards at just 6 inches long, the species would have nonetheless proven highly effective in the prehistoric oceans.

The anomalocaridids are believed to have thrived until the end of the Paleozoic Era by which point they had gone extinct around 251 million years ago.

War in the Ancient World TANKS

Published on Mar 18, 2014

This series explores ancient inventions and engineering that were previously believed to have been created only in modern times.

Included in this special collection: the extraordinary ingenuity of the engineers who created some of the largest and most fearsome navies of the ancient world; the basic technologies discovered by ancient civilizations that led to the creation of the tank hundreds – maybe even thousands – of years ago;

the mysteries of history’s special agents from Japanese ninja assassins to the Italian genius who wrote secret messages on the inside of eggs; an investigation of the ancient world’s naval technology including lethal grenades, covert attack equipment and toxic biological warfare.

Military innovation is consistently at the cutting edge of technological advances, from apocalyptic skyscraper siege machines to ancient landmines and flamethrowers,

most of today’s lethal weapons owe their origins to the inventors of the ancient world. Battle through storms snowdrifts to the world’s earliest known ski commandos, journey to Egypt to see how a tiny army beat off a major invasion force using farm animals and find out how the simple stirrup changed the entire course of history. Experts and archaeological digs reveal new evidence into these inventions – inventions which will be then be reconstructed.

Michael Cremo – The Hidden History Of The Human Race

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2012

Michael Cremo is interviewed about his archeological discoveries and the cover up of the scientific community.Cremo gives several examples of archeological evidence that has been suppressed by the establishment in the name of “scientific conformity”.

His books include ‘The Hidden History Of The Human Race’ and ‘Forbidden Archeology’. Richard Thompson is credited by Michael Cremo as a valuable partner in his research.

Michael Cremo – Extreme Human Antiquity

Published on Feb 12, 2013


Jeff Rense & Michael Cremo – Hidden History Of The Human Race

Published on Aug 14, 2013

Clip from August 7, 2013 – guest Michael Cremo on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at

Pre-Columbus American Artifacts

Tall Caucasian Mummies of China

Uploaded on Apr 12, 2011

In the late 1980’s, perfectly preserved 3000-year-old mummies began appearing in a remote Chinese desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn’t appear to be the ancestors of modern-day Chinese people.

In a find that could turn conventional history on its head, scientists using genetic testing have discovered that Caucasians lived in western China’s Tarim Basin a thousand years before East Asians arrived.

Unearthed lying on her side as though in sleep, a single tuft of red hair falling across her head and ragged moccasins on her feet, the Beauty of Loulan is considered to be one of the best preserved mummies ever found.

Roughly 3800-years-old and discovered in the sands of Xinjiang province in western China, her emaciated features betray a facial bone structure that is surprisingly similar to Caucasian looking women.

A team of American and Chinese researchers working in a laboratory in Sweden used DNA samples to date and profile her mummy, confirming she and other mummies are of Indo-European descent.

Evidence Of Machining Technology Thousands Of Years Before The Inca

Inca World: Puma punku; Out Of This World Stone Constructions


1.2 Million Year Old Human Remain Found


America Before Columbus


8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave

African Presence in Ancient America before Columbus

Published on Feb 12, 2013

This video’s purpose is to stress to Africans in America and the world that our history did not start with slavery in the New World.

The Ancient Ancestors of Egypt and West Africa traveled to the New World, traded and exchanged cultural ideas with the inhabitants.

This irrefutable and historical fact is very important to the African psyche here in America.

We have to put down this propaganda that has branded us as “inferior” in all important areas of life and defend and challenge it with undeniable truth.

Please read Ivan Sertima’s book “They Came before Columbus” as a starting point on this untold story.

WEB Dubois quote “In propaganda against the Negro since emancipation in this land,” Du Bois lamented, “we face one of the most stupendous efforts the world ever saw to discredit human beings, an effort involving universities, history, science, social life and religion.

No infringement of copyright is intended in any way under DMCA, under the terms of fair use for education.

NO PROFIT is made by me on any material contained herein. This video is for educational purposes only.

Giant Underground Stone Boxes Near The Pyramids In Egypt

Lost Ancient Technology In Egypt: Is This Part Of A Machine?

Fallen Angels 12,000 Year Old Ancient Texts Deciphered

America Unearthed 13 episodes 40min each play list

America Unearthed Season 1 Episodee 1

In AMERICA UNEARTHED, forensic geologist Scott Wolter, a real-life Indiana Jones, will reveal that the history we all learned in school may not always be the whole story.

Across the country, ancient symbols, religious relics and unexplained artifacts suggest that civilizations from around the world have left their mark for us to find today.

Wolter not only digs through the surprising burial ground that is America for arcaheological secrets, but he also uncovers compelling evidence that pre-dates the official “discovery” of the New World and turns a lot of what we think we know about American history on its head.

America Unearthed proves there is a lot we don’t know about our past, and that people have gone to great lengths to cover up these mysteries.

400,000 Year Old Human Remains Found In Israel? — Find Could Change Evolutionary Picture

Advanced Societies Existed on Earth 12,000 years ago

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2008

Stolen from
Art Bell welcomed researcher and author Graham Hancock, who discussed lost ancient civilizations and the importance of exploring our own consciousness.

Hancock reiterated his premise that technologically advanced societies existed on Earth as far back as 12,000+ years ago — the end of the last ice age. He said these civilizations were lost when a gigantic comet collided with the planet, causing the ice sheets to melt and raising sea levels by more than 400 feet. As evidence, Hancock pointed out that large stone monuments, some as big as Stone Henge, can be found 120 feet below the surface of the ocean off the coast of Japan.

According to Hancock, the Mayan calendar may provide an ancient warning of yet another cataclysmic event — this one set to occur within a 40-year window surrounding December 21, 2012. Hancock believes the consequences of this future catastrophe could be less damaging or averted entirely if we can learn to transform our consciousness.

Hancock also strongly advocated a person’s right to explore his own consciousness by using substances found in certain ‘sacred plants.’ He detailed his life-transforming experiences taking an ayahuasca brew made from plants containing a naturally occurring hallucinogenic known as dimethyltryptamine (DMT), as well as talked about Dr. Rick Strassman’s work with the substance. Almost everyone who uses DMT encounters the same beings and receives the same kind of messages, Hancock reported. He believes these commonalities show that the drug helps people journey into a real spiritual realm, and proves that our consciousness survives death.

Graham Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven’s Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures and TV appearances, including the three-hour series Quest For The Lost Civilisation, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises legitimate questions about humanity’s history and prehistory and offers an increasingly popular challenge to the entrenched views of orthodox scholars.

He graduated from Durham University with First Class Honours in Sociology. He then went on to pursue a career in quality journalism, writing for many of Britain’s leading newspapers.

September 28th, 2007

The Hittites of Hattusha FULL VIDEO

The Hittites Complex Subterranean World

Published on Jan 19, 2014

4000 years ago, a mysterious pagan society called the Hittites dug deep into the soft volcanic rock to carve out an intricate underworld. But after almost 800 years of rule, the Hittite Empire vanished without a trace. Where did their people go and what clues have they left behind in their complex subterranean world?

The Hittites were an ancient Anatolian people who established an empire at Hattusa in north-central Anatolia around 1600 BC. This empire reached its height during the mid-14th century BC under Suppiluliuma I, when it encompassed an area that included most of Asia Minor as well as parts of the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia. After c. 1180 BC, the empire came to an end during the Bronze Age collapse, splintering into several independent “Neo-Hittite” city-states, some of which survived until the 8th century BC.

The Hittite language was a member of the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European language family. They referred to their native land as Hatti, and to their language as Nešili (the language of Neša). The conventional name “Hittites” is due to their initial identification with the Biblical Hittites in 19th century archaeology.

Despite the use of Hatti for their core territory, the Hittites should be distinguished from the Hattians, an earlier people who inhabited the same region (until the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC) and spoke a language possibly in the Northwest Caucasian languages group known as Hattic.[citation needed]

The Hittite military made successful use of chariots. Although belonging to the Bronze Age, they were the forerunners of the Iron Age, developing the manufacture of iron artifacts from as early as the 14th century BC, when letters to foreign rulers reveal the latter’s demand for iron goods.

After 1180 BC, amid general turmoil in the Levant associated with the sudden arrival of the Sea Peoples, the kingdom disintegrated into several independent “Neo-Hittite” city-states, some of which survived until as late as the 8th century BC. The history of the Hittite civilization is known mostly from cuneiform texts found in the area of their kingdom, and from diplomatic and commercial correspondence found in various archives in Egypt and the Middle East.

The Hittites used Mesopotamian cuneiform letters. Archaeological expeditions to Hattusa have discovered entire sets of royal archives in cuneiform tablets, written either in the Semitic Mesopotamian Akkadian language of Assyria and Babylonia, the diplomatic language of the time, or in the various dialects of the Hittite confederation.

Before the discoveries, the only source of information about Hittites had been the Old Testament (see Biblical Hittites). Francis William Newman expressed the critical view, common in the early 19th Century, that, if the Hittites existed at all, “no Hittite king could have compared in power to the King of Judah…”. As archaeological discoveries revealed the scale of the Hittite kingdom in the second half of the 19th Century, Archibald Henry Sayce postulated, rather than to be compared to Judah, the Anatolian civilization “[was] worthy of comparison to the divided Kingdom of Egypt”, and was “infinitely more powerful than that of Judah”. Sayce and other scholars also mention that Judah and the Hittites were never enemies in the Hebrew texts; in the Book of Kings, they supplied the Israelites with cedar, chariots, and horses, as well as being a friend and allied to Abraham in the Book of Genesis.

The first archaeological evidence for the Hittites appeared in tablets found at the Assyrian colony of Kültepe (ancient Karum Kanesh), containing records of trade between Assyrian merchants and a certain “land of Hatti”. Some names in the tablets were neither Hattic nor Assyrian, but clearly Indo-European.

Lost Empire Of The Hittites : Hittites Civilisation Documentary (Christian Video)

Published on Oct 7, 2012

Lost Empire Of The Hittites. Before the archaeological discovery of the cities of the hittites, some scholars had been saying that the Bible was lying about the hittites and that the hittites never existed. The bible was later vindicated by this discovery.

“Proof Positive” Aliens set up our Civilizations

Forbidden Knowledge ; Ancient Transportation (Documentary)

Don’t believe in Ancient Aliens? Watch this I Dare You. pt 3

Published on Feb 25, 2013

This is a PBS NOVA episode with Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian.

While they keep covering up the giant 7 – 12 feet skeletons found all over the nation, the Smithsonian has allowed their handled boys like Dennis Stanford to say CERTAIN things, such as just giving us a little sample of what they REALLY have from PRE Clovis America.

BOTH of the Americas tie into this also, as there was human habitation in the Americas at least 40 to 50,000 years ago and possibly even long before that !

NO ONE in their right educated mind thinks that Clovis were the “first” people in the Americas around only 8 to 10,000 BC. Evidence for human habitation in BOTH of the Americas is FAR OLDER than apx. 10,000 BC.

See the university “black balled” work of geologist Virginia Steen Macintyre as to the REAL age of South American habitation.

Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New

Astonishing Hidden Temple Near Cusco

Machining Technology Prior To The Pharaohs Of Egypt?

Momia extraterrestre encontrada en pirámide egipcia   (This is a 16 video play)

Did One Of The Egyptian Pyramids Explode 12,000 Years Ago?

The American Nephilim – Hidden Agenda: Hiding The Truth

The Coming Invasion 2014 [FULL] Top Secret – Steve Quayle

China’s Dessert Mummies Documentary on the Taklamakan Mummies


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