Very Close up look at moon 1400mm 260x Zoom


Please scroll down for downloadable full sized photo gallery.

Camera has a 1400mm lens. The clarity or lack of is completely due to environmental conditions such as humidity, chemtrails etc.. My camera is very capable of dazzlingly clear sharp images and videos..


Darlene Smith
wow,it looks sureal
Jeremiah Slayton
May peace be with you and god bless.
Felix Siam
great footage! so you have to adjust for a moving object. Theres Idiots out there with GPS AF that SWEAR on their Bibles, there is water in the sky making “lunar waves” using 2000mm Nikon P900 $500 cameras.. makes ya laugh!😂
I like how you caught the partial moon looking like a banana, with the shadowing…
liked and saved..
Jeremiah Slayton
I wonder why we can’t see satellites zooming across it. There are 14,000 of them right?
I agree
Felix Siam
’cause no satellites?

Click on any image below..


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