Is there a solid glass dome around our earth

This might explain why we see multiple suns or are they a reflection coming off of the clear solid dome around our planet.

Below you will see some interesting videos with evidence of such.

I was once informed of an interesting story about aliens protecting our planet from the income Nibiru event.

Here is what I was told.

The aliens have put our planet in a protective shield. They have temporarily moved us out of harms way and have created an artificial sun to protect our environment.. That is why NASA has not been able to send anything into outer space since.

So here have a look at some evidence.

ALL Telescopes Are OVERRATED TOYS, Another BIG Misconception

Published on Mar 25, 2014

Your telescope is very limited, in fact all of them are, It was demonstrated that the capacity of a large telescope to see the distant stars has been overestimated.
The result of this calculation indicates that a very large
telescope (such as the Hubble) enable observers to see only 357.14 times farther than the naked eye, pointing to wide ranging implications regarding many theories related to size and distances of stars and galaxies

by Bahram Katirai

THX Wild Heretic

Rocket hitting the flat earth dome

Published on Sep 9, 2015

Follow up video:

Oh look – is that the Firmament? Sa-weet! Let’s nuke it.

Published on Sep 18, 2015

Has modern science discovered the firmament? Is the Van Allen Belt part of it? Why has NASA (on more than one occasion) wanted to blow it up and/or punch holes in something they readily admit is here for our protection?

How come Orion can’t get through the Van Allen Belt, yet we were told Apollo had no problem doing so 40+ years ago?

Meanwhile… the lunatics at CERN are thinking it would be a good thing to re-create the conditions of the alleged “Big Bang.” Strange days indeed…

Articles mentioned in this video:

NASA Astronauts know there is a Firmament above and cannot breach it 1968


Published on May 1, 2014

Original video :Deepest Hole Ever Drilled – Secret and Surprising Findings…

Sprites/Elves Are Created From Earth’s Highly Charged GLASS SKY @ 60 miles up and at ground level (Firmament is + / Ground is -)……

SpaceX Falcon 9 Crashes Into Dome? – Flat Earth Exit DENIED – Zoomed In, Slow Motion

Published on Jun 28, 2015
Did the SpaceX Falcon 9 crash into the dome on June 28, 2015? If you look closely it appears to “graze” something, deflect downward for some time, and then explode/disintegrate due to the damage sustained from the initial impact. You decide.

Also what is that small spherical object that appears to break away or detach from the nose?

NASA’S Ultimate Dummy Test: So You Think Rockets Go To Space ? Well Think Again

Published on Jan 9, 2016

All of these rockets in this compilation are NOT going to space or near it, since the space “PROGRAM” started there is NO Rocket technology going near the Karman Line(space boundary),

not even near the Mesosphere, as you can easily see and hear in the videos, 99% of all communications are land based, so NO satellites needed, we have drones/balloons/tethers/Cell towers in the millions to cover all continents and the oceans, so forget about satellites because no rocket is getting through the glass ceiling where Elves(pancake out 300+ km wide)/Halos/Sprites/AURORAS all occur right at the glass ceiling,

it may be too dangerous for any rocket fueled vehicle to approach the firmament, and they would lose inertia anyways, and none of the rockets they use would ever have enough fuel,

so NASA/Military may have other toys to research through the holes in the firmament(glass ceiling) i don’t know, there is broken pieces of the firmament spread about over earth and the oceans

(Steven Christopher LSC) has done years of investigating on Megacryometeors and Libyan Glass, Huge chunks of ice falling from a cloudless/plane less sky etc
So no matter how much you complain there still is NO rockets breaching the firmament, not even near the mesosphere, forget about rockets/ISS and space it is not happening, you disagree too bad, and dismiss nasas cooked up data,

it is fabricated nonsense to fool the masses and your perspective, just a mind game, a charade
Atlas V Rocket launch sept 2015
LADEE launch wallops island sept 6 2015
Japanese rocket launches
and more

NASA’S Showing us the Sun is Powered by a Central Pyramid ABOVE 3/13/12

Published on Jan 18, 2015

3/13/2012, NASAS SOHO/SDO,etc feeds are fabricated in a studio(thx Walt) BUT they take pride in showing you the truth sometimes and here it is, some say the diameter of the sun is 32 miles, i’d say it is probably about 33 and being magnified by the firmament 😉…
There are four pieces of evidence, that I know of, which purport to show that we live inside a concave Earth. None of the evidence below is 100% conclusive, but two items are very close.

Tamarack mines
Lenses and the horizon
Altitude and the horizon

Concave Earth…
The Koreshan cosmogony “maintains and demonstrates that the universe is a unit; it is an alchemico-organic structure, limited to the dimensions of 8,000 miles, diameter. According to the great law of analogy we hold that its form is cellular, that all life is generated in a cell–omne vivum ex ovo.

The earth’s shell, composed of metals and minerals, is about 100 miles in thickness, constituting a gigantic voltaic pile, the basis of the great galvano-magnetic battery, furnishing the negative elements of the cell for the generation and supply of the sun’s fuel. The concave surface of the earth alone is habitable.

Superimposed upon the strata of the shell and emplaced in their static planes are the three atmospheres. At the centre we find the positive pole of the great battery–the central sun, around and with which the heavens revolve in twenty-four hours.

All the energies of the physical universe are engendered through the relation of the positive centre to the negative circumference; a great complex battery of physical unity is thus attained and perpetuated.” 1
This shell, one hundred miles in thickness, is composed of seven metallic, five mineral, and five geologic strata. The seven metallic layers or laminæ are “the seven notable metals,” of which gold constitutes the outer rind of the shell.

Beyond this is–nothing.
The inner surface of the shell is land and water, a concave expanse inhabited by every form of life. That we live on a concave surface, this cosmogony undertakes to prove by exactly the same phenomenon which “proves” the Earth’s surface is convex–the disappearance of a ship “around” the world.

Within the shell are the three atmospheres, of which the outermost, the atmosphere in which we exist, is composed chiefly of oxygen and nitrogen. The next or middle atmosphere is composed of pure hydrogen; and the one above of “aboran.”

Within this is the solar sphere, and within the whole and nucleus of all, the astral or stellar centre. Thus the starry nucleus is the centre of Space, and the metallic plates or laminæ the circumference of Space. The heavens do not surround the Earth, but the Earth, the heavens.
In and occupying these atmospheres are not only the Sun and stars, but also “the reflections called the planets and the moon. The planets are mercurial disci moving by electro-magnetic impulse between the metallic laminæ or planes of the concave shell.

They are seen through penetrable rays, ultra electro-magnetic, reflected or bent back in their impingement on the spheres of energy regularly graduated as the stories in the heavens.” And, later on, they are further described as “little focal points of energy, partially materialized spheres in process of combustion.

Their diameter is very small. Jupiter is nothing like the concept in the usual theory. The real planets are discs of mercury in the earth, between the metallic shells.

They focalise the sun’s energies in the atmosphere above us. They are what their names indicate–plan-ets–little planes.” Of these mercurial discs there are seven.

The moon we see is a crystallic energy upon which is implanted the picture of earth’s inner surface, a reflection from the great concave mirrors, the metallic strata in the circumference.
.”……read more, halfway down

No Rockets go near or enter Space, so simple to see it hurts

Published on Dec 2, 2014

NO sonic booms from any rockets, they cannot even do mach 1, can’t imagine these rockets doing mach 24 to orbit, Don’t let NASA(your fav Freemasons) trick you with their science lies and their fixed altitude and velocity gauges on your tv screens, and these rockets are close and low enough to rule out bending light,

the 180 degree bending arc we see within 2-3 mins after launch in the launch photos, and the CONtrail is seen also while these rockets are supposedly in space and sometimes these rocket engines are heard from ground,

the rocket hoax is so obvious a child can see and understand the rocket trajectory trick is done in the lower atmosphere nice and close and not going into space but they do a 180 degree arc above the ocean and no more than 100,000 feet,

and that is generous, the last video is a laugh, the people watching the launch are oblivious to the joke, they just don’t get any dumber than these nasa believers and followers and use nasa data as if legit,

ahh those freemasons sure are great at psychological manipulation and know how the eye sees and how it can be tricked with their science, get it yet nasa=freemason nutter ??

Another Rocket NOT Going to Space It Stays in the Lower Atmosphere

Published on Mar 24, 2015

These rockets are supposed to go to into orbit but they never reach Mach 1 ever and need Mach 24 to reach orbit, there is never a sonic boom to be heard in any launch to space going way back to apollo, in this video you can see the CONTRAIL in fine detail because it is close and in the lower atmosphere, Just a perception game,

ALL rocket trajectory TRICKS are done and seen in the lower atmosphere, plain and simple and NOT going to space or even much past 100,000 feet, and you can see an orb behind following the rocket and an explosion in fine detail from the supposed 100km+ distance they tell us
Russian Proton M Rocket Launch of AM7 Satellite 3/18/15

Rockets never leave Earth’s LOWER atmosphere (Delta II Rocket Launch 1/31/2015) Simple stuff

Published on Feb 1, 2015

This is a NO BRAINER (simple stuff even for a 6 year old), just a reminder that All space rockets launched are all unmanned and NOT going into space but are all GOING DOWN into the ocean or are detonated far away from view out in the ocean, the CONtrail trajectory arcs are seen in the lower atmosphere and nowhere near the altitude they tell us, nothing can go into space there is a physical barrier(the Firmament) and nothing is leaving Earth, just our imagination

All the rockets seen in every video is nowhere near the altitude they proclaim, most of the trajectory arcs are seen with the naked eye or easily seen with binoculars which means these rockets are all in the lower atmosphere, even old movie cameras have them on film showing this 180 degree arc
“THE APPARENT CONCAVITY OF THE EARTH AS SEEN FROM A BALLOON.–A perfectly-formed circle encompassed the visibly; planisphere beneath, or rather the concavo-sphere it might now be called, for I had attained a height from which the earth assumed a regularly hollowed or concave appearance–an optical illusion which increases as you recede from it.

At the greatest elevation I attained, which was about a mile-and-a-half, the appearance of the world around me assumed a shape or form like that which is made by placing two watch glasses together by their edges, the balloon apparently in the central cavity all the time of its flight at that elevation.”–Wise’s Aëronautics.

“Another curious effect of the aërial ascent was that the earth, when we were at our greatest altitude, positively appeared concave, looking like a huge dark bowl, rather than the convex sphere such as we naturally expect to see it. . . .

The horizon always appears to be on a level with our eye, and seems to rise as we rise, until at length the elevation of the circular boundary line of the sight becomes so marked that the earth assumes the anomalous appearance as we have said of a concave rather than a convex body.”–Mayhew’s Great World of London.

“The chief peculiarity of a view from a balloon at a consider-able elevation, was the altitude of the horizon, which remained practically on a level with the eye, at an elevation of two miles, causing the surface of the earth to appear concave instead of convex, and to recede during the rapid ascent, whilst the horizon and the balloon seemed to be stationary.”–London Journal, July 18th, 1857.

Mr. Elliott, an American aëronaut, in a letter giving an account of his ascension from Baltimore, thus speaks of the appearance of the earth from a balloon:–

“I don’t know that I ever hinted heretofore that the aëronaut may well be the most sceptical man about the rotundity of the earth. Philosophy imposes the truth upon us; but the view of the earth from the elevation of a balloon is that of an immense terrestrial basin, the deeper part of which is that directly under one’s feet. As we ascend, the earth beneath us seems to recede–actually to sink away–while the horizon gradually and gracefully lifts a diversified slope, stretching away farther and farther to a line that, at the highest elevation, seems to close with the sky. Thus, upon a clear day, the aëronaut feels as if suspended at about an equal distance between the vast blue oceanic concave above and the equally expanded terrestrial basin below.”

During the important balloon ascents, recently made for scientific purposes by Mr. Coxwell and Mr. Glaisher, of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the same phenomenon was observed.

“The horizon always appeared on a level with the car.”–See Mr. Glaisher’s Report, in “Leisure Hour,” for October 11, 1862.

“The plane of the earth offers another delusion to the traveller in air, to whom it appears as a concave surface, and who surveys the line of the horizon as an unbroken circle, rising up, in relation to the hollow of the concave hemisphere, like the rim of a shallow inverted watch-glass, to the height of the eye of the observer, how high soever he may be–the blue atmosphere above closing over it like the corresponding hemisphere reversed.”–Glaisher’s Report, in “Leisure Hour,” for May 21, 1864.


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