aliens on the utah ice

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Strange Thing in middle of frozen lake__019_ A Truth Soldier

Published on Sep 18, 2013

Alien eggs, was walking out on utah lake while it was frozen we made about a mile and
There was what apeared to be eegs spread in a five foot radious

Interesting find. Shame it was beavus and butthead who found it, we might of found out what it was if someone else found it.

if you find  this  again get a bunch of different samples send them to researchers and alert news

Jason D
+robinsongenny That’s what intelligent people would do.  But no, a couple of low-IQ asshats had to find it, joke about it, laugh and walk away.  No samples.  No GPS.  No data.  They didn’t even have the mindset to investigate anything.  “Get a stick or something” while completely surrounded by nothing but snow and ice on a lake!

rachael mateovich
Yuk !  Dude, how could you even touch it !?  How Groows…..!  EEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     germs on a gigantic

Jamie Bommer
looks similar to the cryoconite holes in Antarctica

That is odd, and these 2 just walk away like nothing out of the ordinari was seen! I woulve called a scientists to go examine that !

When was this filmed, and what lake exactly, who knows what is growing this past summer in that lake!

these guys should have picked up a few of these things and taken them to somebody to analyse what they are …

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