Two suns rise in Halifax Nova Scotia on left side Feb 25 2015

Two suns rise left side Feb 25 2015_7743

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Published on Feb 25, 2015

This digital camera is NOT an SLR and it does not have any mirrors….This video is super high resolution 60fps…Youtube always lowers the resolution on my super high resolution videos.

Below are full super high resolution photos you can right click to download, so you can view with extreme clarity and the smaller photos are video screen captures…

Two suns rise left side_005_ A Truth Soldier

Two suns rise left side Feb 25 2015_7742 Two suns rise left side Feb 25 2015_7723


Rachel MacDonald Daniel did you see this with your own eyes?

Daniel J Towsey of course why do you think I was filming it…?

Rachel MacDonald ohh! I didn’t know you were filming it!
Rachel MacDonald There ‘s so much spam out there these days. Now I’ll watch it

Siris Galloway
This is why they spray chemtrails. They spray them in an effort to diminish the chances of spotting this other planetary complex near the sun, and you’ll notice it’s always around the sun either at dusk or dawn when they say it’s likely to be most visible to the naked eye. It’s still a fairly rare appearance at this point, however, but it will make itself more known soon. HAARP and geo-engineering are mere fabrications created by the government itself to shift attention away from anyt
hing relating to Planet X and the effects its encroaching

Yes you are correct and this was a fortunate video as just a minute after I stopped the camera I could not do a second part as the Chemtrails stream came in and blocked the sun completely…no wonder the trees are dying…
Rachel MacDonald That’s really amazing!
Rachel MacDonald Tomorrow, can you go outside and film it? Then no one would say anything about there being a reflection.
Rachel MacDonald So… what do you think it means…? Are they worried it would crash into the earth, or something?

Leslie Blackmon Powell Ugh! No Leslie, do not even look down that rabbit hole!! Just a tiny little peek?

Leslie Blackmon Powell So glad I did! It’s always around the 24-27 that the two suns, and the moon looking “odd”. Thank you. I definitely think there is a strong correlation between the sun and the moon during this time.
Got to share. Great video btw

Daniel J Towsey Watch the video carefully in full HD preferably on a huge HD tv and you well see it is not a reflection and if you go to my site you well find other videos not done through glass…it is most definitely not a reflection…

Angel Light
Check out Henning Kemner channel upload yesterday of Puerto Varrarta Plain Sight. Clean separate catch. Very clear and rare.

thats fascinating ! dimensional energy perhaps  ? thanks

Lucien Harbuck
Excellent Quality Video, Thank You! Pay no attention to nihilist comments, most people will deny its existence when it is twice the diameter of the sun and redder than the proverbial Vargas Tit! TNX Again!

jeana taylor
Thanks for the great video.  We appreciate it.

Elizabeth M
Are you subscribed to manny skywatch channel? He takes a lot of excellent videos and pics too. 🙂 what he and others are doing is taking these pics and videos and naming them Skywatch then the place, time and date so that there is a continual record of all of these on the internet by someone just typing in sky or skywatch. Thanks for your diligence and keep warm! 🙂

Proof of CHEMTRAILS used to cover-up “NIBIRU” must see!!!

Published on Jan 26, 2015

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Proof of CHEMTRAILS used to cover-up_001_ A Truth Soldier


2 Suns in the Sky 15 min 2 Sonnen im Himmel Nibiru Schatten am 6 Februar 2015 PlanetX

Click on thumbnail, press F11 for full screen.


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