Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia Feb 4 2015

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Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia 1of2 Feb 4 2015

Look at 1:10 when you see the reflection of the second object reflect on the harbor water…debunk that!…. Also notice as the sun rises from left to right the object behind is slowly appearing to move to the left.. as the sun gets higher is get brighter and eventually as the object disappears behind the sun the brightness eventually blocks the view of the object behind it.
Alexis Rivera
Looks like there one other plant

REPLY to burly636… the answer to your question is answered by the evidence and commentary in my video… go have a look at this, that was not done through glass…The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns 3D HD slideshow

Candace Lincoln Visel
I too saw this on February 4, 2015 as I was watching the sunrise come up.  To me it looked like it was the moon right next to it,  which didn’t make sense.
I try taking a picture of it with my iPad air, but it kept focusing on my window screen.. Took it anyway, the sun was so bright you can barely see the other one on the side, but yet you can still see it.  My husband came by and I was telling him about it and he did not believe me. I showed him the picture and all he kept saying was yeah, I can see it, but still didn’t believe me..
So thank you for filming it!! I live in Hudson Il.. Telling you this to let you know that I was in a different part of the world but still saw it
Monica A. Partridge  listen to this TRIBULATION NOW-ORG RADIO EPISODE….INVESTIGATE / RESEARCH BY BOB FLETCHER. HE HAS A DVD CALLED “INCOMING” that clearly demonstrates proof of the Planet X system.

Oscar Shadows
Soles múltiple Rise Over Halifax Nueva Escocia  04 de febrero 2015 Hace un mes se veia así ¡ Ahora creciendo mas cada dia, aunque muchos piensan que es un reflejo pues no lo es, los reflejos no
Now growing more each day, although many think it is a reflection because it is not, reflexes not have different views when they are in motion.

Adam B
What do you think this is? It couldn’t possibly be a planet right? Some weird phenomenon reflection going on? Idk I wanna believe but am very skeptical still

My understanding is that our sun..the bright one in front is illuminating the object (planet nibiru) far behind it

Adam B
You 100 percent believe that? I Will post soon but a few days ago the sun set and the entire eastern sky was filled with color typically its isolated to the west where the sun sets but it was odd the eastern sky was orange. Do you think it’s related?
hey here is that intense eastern sky after sun set, let me know, i dont even know if this is normal or a rare phenomenon perhaps? 

Only God give that kind of wakeup call, in the sky you Gann see the moon and the sun doing special thing like the moon covering the sun, like mother earth shifting, keep a eye in the sky and under your feet, nature is angry make sure you gonna see more strange than that,Rastafari Servant of God Servant of God Set7777777Seth.

phenomena?  Has anyone tried to explain it? I am just-trying to figure out the 2+ Suns. One (3rd) looks like a reflection but who knows. You obviously have an opinion about Nibiru. Can you point me to some good research or info on it?  I am always trying to figure out if Nibiru is real or not.  Your fortunate to have a very nice view.

yadayeshua via Google+
Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia 1of2 Feb 4 2015:

We are getting a refraction ov the sun with all the aluminum chemtrails in the sky …and what ever else theyr spraying into thee att moss sphere …

Serenity Lake field
Part one of two suns over Halifax:

Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia 2of2 Feb 4 2015

Planet-7X – KELB Radio Interview Parts 1 to  6

Published on Aug 23, 2014

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5 thoughts on “Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia Feb 4 2015”

  1. Its the reflection because of the double glass you are filming through. Think such large object exacltly the size of the sun would be visible all over earth!


  2. I think Nibiru is real but the pictures above are reflections of our Sun the diameters are exactly the same, thats why these are reflections in my vision. The Sun in the Nibuiru constellation is a collapsed brown dwarf emitting strong electromagnatic radiance and very weak light. It has several planets orbitting from which Nibiru is one of them.


  3. Thanks for the video. Why are we not able to see this phenomena in my area? Also, has the news in your area said anything about it. Ken


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