Hard Evidence Nibiru is VERY close.

Yesterday at 11:10am

The whole world needs to see this video… if you can watch this and still tell me Nibiru doesn’t exist, then you deserve an award for your ability to cling to doubts when staring the ultimate truth in the face.

Don’t you get it??? Do you see now why we are entering into marshal law?

Do you see now why our government is going into a state of total panic??

Do you see now why they are using chemtrails to block out the sky?? Do you see now why there is so much mindless distraction occurring all at once??

Do you see now why the earth’s poles are shifting faster every day??? This is the ultimate proof and with this video I fully rest my case.

Hercolubus has arrived, ladies and gentlemen, so I hope you have your affairs in order because pretty soon they will shut off the internet and lock this whole damn planet down!!! Nibiru cometh!!!
It is written in stone!!! Your fate is sealed!!!

NIBIRU | Oct. 20, 2014 | Houston

Published on Nov 22, 2014

*** 11-22-2014, Wormwood Approaches- Mention to any cyber friends left- I do want to stop making these Videos-

I do OK through some of them and not too well and even real lousy in others- I’m no pro- Don’t have a prompt or script or tele-prop- I try to get you to listen and most times I just don’t do so well, and I am trying- I speak from darkness and when the light is on me I am visible to more that my camera-

I hope you can get something from the ‘just’ of the messages- I have urgent news for you and I will put most of it in these videos- It will be up to you to be touched or not by the message and think for yourself in all things-

The Electro Magnetic Frequencies, Micro Waves from the HAARP, and chemicals from the Fukushima Radiation and the Chem-trails with Fluoride, Cesium, Selenium, Strontium, Aluminum, Fluoride the #1 all-time cause of Censers and much more all Mass Genocide and I want you to know your enemies to death-

They will only get worse-

Try to listen to as many of my messages as you can while you can- The messages are what’s important and leave the messenger alone- He didn’t make up this stuff NOR did he cause it-

My intent is to deliver a message of request- My insights are given me and not of my strengths but those of Another-

gwt I do hope that you will SUBSCRIBE , LIKE and SHARE these Messages- Wes Truther, YouTube



Des Northcott

All you retards claiming this is a reflection – please explain how a reflection gradually disappears behind clouds and sets, while the sun that it’s supposedly a reflection of is still clearly visible above.  Also, if taken behind glass, there would be other evidence of reflection from the photographer and the room they were in.
That said, I tend to agree with DebsA Lady that it is the moon setting… However I also believe the Nibiru system exists, but the central dark star can only be seen in infra-red, and I have no idea how close it is, but all the planets of our solar system are being affected by something – extreme weather and changes in storm patterns, changes to their rate of rotation, tectonic activity, etc. (do the research), so I’d say it was getting pretty close.
  • Bevan Uren It exsists, but this is just a vid through a window, notice the replication of the clouds identical to the lower object. The original author admitted filming this through glass.
  • Glenda Adams It’s coming
    Daniel J Towsey This is not through glass—–The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns 3D HD slideshow—–
    Interesting video below.
    Bunun Hakkında Bilgisi Olan var mı ?
    Nedir bu ?
    About this Info out there?
    What is this?
    Adam William James Oh Recycled elastic bands used for tires like planes mostly and Sometimes other big trucks. There compressed and compressed then compressed again until you make a tire and then you glaze over i with a brown sticky coating (I forget the name) and then dye it black. I only know this cause when I went to school we went on a field trip and saw this stuff everywhere.



5 thoughts on “Hard Evidence Nibiru is VERY close.”

  1. After playing around with the image using a few utilities i have on my laptop, I have to conclude that it’s legitimate. I thought that perhaps the bottom section was simply the top section – only filtered – and pasted on the lower part of the image… it’s not. The rays from the sun (top) extend down through the bottom portion. It’s legit….


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