Alien Core Sample Holes Found in Boulders

Below you will find a series of photos showing huge boulders found with core sample holes in them.  It is known that our planet has been mined by Alien. So have a look at this and read the note on the photos.


Ken Ofthefamily Sludds There are boulders on a beach not too far from me that have such holes in them.. i guessed it was where they were drilled to set the explosive….?

Daniel J Towsey It would explain why this area has boulders scatttered everywhere and we have no volcanoes nor any mountains around here…Alien mining operation.

Daniel Brown .
ITCCS = International Tribunal into Crimes of Church & State. Post reflecting such which bear weight are welcome. The post above does not address this. Members here are interested in resolving crimes committed against the People by the church & state. Nothing else!

Appreciate your understanding. Should uncertainties exist as to what types of post this group was designed for please familiarize yourself with the ABOUT section which is contained in ALL group pages. THX

Daniel J Towsey Many believe that the elite are descendants of alien races..
Daniel Brown No disagreement here with your statement.

Debra Pletcher Tollstrup The so-called elite are NOT of an alien race. They are psychopathic humans acting on their illness to deceive the masses because they can, we allow it.
They lie without a conscious, steel without regret, kill without remorse, and we act as if we are powerless to prevent any of it because we are meant to feel helpless.
These scumbags operate much like the Mafia only bigger and better.
We hold the power in numbers alone to stop these scum bags and their slimmy puppets from spreeding this kind of fear propaganda.
Believe what you wish but know this.
We are 7 billion strong to their 6,000 cartel members and puppets pushing this garbage.
Look, all one has to do is ask one simple question.
‘If the aliens have been on the planet for 4,000 years, why haven’t they already shown themselves give their great wisdom and power?” Why?

Daniel J Towsey And how would you know that they have not made themselves known?
Since you do not believe in them you have not searched to see it that is true…

Debra Pletcher Tollstrup • How would I know? Because I am a logical person that researches tirelessly as I despise manipulation through bullchit propaganda and the lies supporting such fabrications especially when told by inbred scumbags and their paid puppets of deceit.

Not everyone is blind to the ruling scumbags’ lies. Not everyone swallows these bullchit accusations without researching the possibilities and comparing history to the bullchit.

We may be forced fed but some still have an operable gag reflex that properly reacts to this kind of propaganda chit and dumps it back onto the story teller’s lap.

Deal with it as I would imagine by now you are an expert in cleaning up the puke off your lap considering all the bullchit stories you and Daniel Brown post on this site.

Debra Pletcher Tollstrup Not everyone in the FBI, CIA, Congress, banking, corporate America (gaws, the list is endless) believes in the rulling class psychopathic agenda. Why do you think there are leaks to their plans? Why do you believe their plan for world dominance has been delayed? Why do you think you are always being called on your bullchit?

Daniel J Towsey you are really lost..and if you think we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe, then you are not intelligent.. What a nasty dirty mouth you must be at that time of the month.. go check out one of my sites if you think I am not aware..

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt Sorry these were drilled for.the logging.industry some I have been too

Daniel J Towsey There is no logging here..and they would have no reason to since there are no hills here and how would the boulder have gotten here?

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt Dude I have been there, cow bay is a fishing / logging site in Prince.rupert

Daniel J Towsey This is in Nova did not look at the post and this is the ocean waterJust now

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt They are core samples and used as log boom ties

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt Cow bay is prince.Rupert bc
Cow Bay, British Columbia, Canada
A unique, quaint marine shopping village within Prince Rupert, B.C. city limits. The Cow Bay Village is a step into…

Daniel J Towsey Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt you need to wake up…. I said this is in Nova Scotia..I took the photos..

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt And yes these.Holes are.there as.well, some can be northern islands, they were anchor log.booms, the fittings have been salvaged or rusted away

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt Location really doesn’t.matter they made around 1940

Daniel J Towsey They did not do any logging here and they did not need log booms are a really stuborn dumb person…stop arguing about are wrong

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt On the eat coast ehybwould have anchored large ships.and.log.booms

Fred Earl Anthony Wyatt They logged the eastncoast as well, don’t do any research?
North America was.covered in forest not long ago as time.goes

Daniel J Towsey This bay is an inlet that is blocked to the ocean..there is only a very small narrow tidal passage between the two.. nothing can go through it. it is to shallow.

Click on first image for manual slideshow. Press F11 for full screen. Right click on full sized tab to download original full sized photos.



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