AMAZING Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Dec 8 2014

_2014.12.09_08h32m05s_010_ A Truth Soldier

I love it when debunkers try to say this is not real. This video was done through my dinning room window over looking the Halifax Harbor towards the Atlantic Ocean and no it is not a reflection from the double pane window.

_2014.12.09_08h23m05s_002_ A Truth Soldier

I am on an angle to the right and not straight on. If it were a reflection It would require a straight on shot. Plus my moving around in the video shows it is not a reflection. If it were the reflection would move when I move the camera.


AMAZING Muiltple Suns Rise Over Halifax Dec 08 2014_6315

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2014

In this video the sun actually rises on the left and moves to the right..The second sun is moving left…

All photos on this website are original full sized 4000px plus unedited versions that you can download to have a very close up look at the details.

_2014.12.09_09h13m02s_038_ A Truth SoldierSee COMMENTS below photo gallery.

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Joe Mow I try to take everything with a grain of salt but iv seen the dual suns in fucking jersey! Everyone I pointed it out to just went huh that’s strange like it was no big deal.

Charles Danger Really, two suns?

  • Daniel J Towsey YES and there is much more on my site..

    Planet X Nibiru Must Watch SHOCKING!!!

    Published on Jul 20, 2013

  • Charles Danger I’m an avid amateur astronomer using an array of methods for astrophotography. After all the countless hours of observing I’ve never seen a second sun. I use this method all the time and I’ve never seen a second sun.

    Charles Danger's photo.

    Do you have video evidence?

  • How close to the sun is it? What kind of sun is it?
    The only evidence I’ve ever seen are from those with no astrophotography experience that post lens flares. I want to believe there is Nibiru like star but there is just zero credible evidence.
  • Daniel J Towsey Charles just because you have not seen it does not prove. Charles you ask if I have a video..I provide you with the link and you did not click on it..that does not say much for your research abilities..
  • Cynthia Lovestolaugh Crawford from what im hearing niburu is a brown dwarf planet not a star
  •  Daniel J Towsey you can not says it is currently uploading
    Charles Danger Oh I see, it just took awhile to upload on my phone.
  •  Daniel J Towsey okay..there is much more on my site..go to the home page then scroll down look at the Nibiru 3d slideshow
    Daniel J Towsey Cynthia Nibiru is part of much has planets, moons debris and appears to be another gallaxy system..
  • Charles Danger I’ve filmed the sun with the same exact result coming from
    The window lol this video unfortunately doesn’t provide anything credible. Two sons would have a profoundly noticeable effect on earth. The images I see are seriously all lens flares it’s sad. You can take images of the sun such as this using super basic equipment and there is no second sun.

    Charles Danger's photo.
  •  Daniel J Towsey Charles you have no clue.. and you sure do not know what the word flare means..a flare is the light beams you see when photographing the sun..
    You have already said you have seen nothing and you still can not see or understand what is in front of your are surly not a master photographer.
    Those light beams would move when the camera moves..That is not happening in my video…the 3D slideshow above was done without any glass window in front of me…
  • Charles Danger Again, these are images of flares or sun spots whatever you’d like to call them. When using techniques photograph the sun they are eliminated.
    If you use the method of binoculars (or telescope) to project the sun onto a board or other surface you’ll see there is one sun.
    Also, when photographing the sun as the image I just posted, there would surely be another sun visible but there never is. Perhaps we can just agree to disagree .
    Daniel J Towsey Why don’t you wake up and realize that the sun, our sun is actually illuminating the much bigger object behind it..Nibiru?

 Patricia Loughran
Thank you for sharing this amazing sight. I thought that I was seeing things wrong in the sky over myself, but this shows and tells me that my eyes are not playing tricks. My husband also viewed our strange sky, we have been watching the moon also when the clouds are not in the way. From Southern Ontario Canada.


So can we say it has moved behind the sun as video progressed? I am guessing that is correct?

Thank you for answering….lots going on. Much more than people realize!?

It amazed me when I saw how quickly it was shifting to the left and going behind the sun

Susan Adams There are not literally 2 suns because if that happened the earth would be in big trouble…this phenomenon scientists say is known as “Sun dog” which can be due to a major downpour between clouds causing a reflection off the rain or ice crystals from cirrus clouds…it’s also known as parhelia.

Chemtrails In Our Skies That is not what is happening and this is not a sun dog…and yes there is another can see it gradually move to the left in the video..I believe that it is behind our sun and is being lit up by the sun…

Ann Gates i think there is more than 2. whatever it is. another star system??

Susan Adams Yes I watched it…have you given any consideration to the implications to the earth if there really were 2 suns ????

 Chemtrails In Our Skies There are events occurring world wide, over 100 active volcanoes, sink holes, floods and much more happening..

Jeral Pumdawg Hey Susan. …did u watch the video?

Jonathan Biacan Nice Capture!!


5 thoughts on “AMAZING Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Dec 8 2014”

  1. Because if nibiru was reflecting the suns rays, it would not be visible in the day time… just like mars isnt and venus isnt etc. For the illuminated effect to be visible to the human eye, the stars must also be visible.

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    1. The PlanetX system as described by Marshall Masters ( has a Brown Dwarf star (named Nemesis, by Carl Sagan) in binary relationship w/Sun (75% of stars in our galaxy in such relationships), plus three planets (including Nibiru), two of which have moons. Called the “Destroyer” in the Bible (Jeremiah) and Egyptian Book of the Dead during last flyby (cause of plagues described in book of Exodus according to Book of the Dead). Since America invaded and controls Baghdad (from Green Zone in largest embassy in the world) we (U.S.) could be Babylon the Great mentioned in Revelation thanks to “W,” 43rd Pres.. Here it comes. Cheers?

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  2. This is not a second Sun, it is an effect caused by the Geoengineering or Contrails that are being sprayed into the atmosphere everyday.
    When the Sun is low in the sky, this can happen as a circle will appear around the Sun at midday (dark or coloured).
    The authorities insist that the material in persistent contrails and it is very normal?


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