Multiple Strange Events In This Sky

Since 2012 there has been multiple strange events in the skies world wide.

Below you well see Chunky Chemtrails Snow falling while it was sunny, UFO objects in front of the sun, Huge light energy beams, Appearance of multiple suns, Chembow colored clouds and shadows in the sky that were photographed over Halifax Nova Scotia

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FAKE SNOW Covering States and Canada..SCARY SHIT

Please scroll down for full downloadable photo gallery.

Many Strange Events in Sky_8698What are these spots in front of the sun maybe UFO’s

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Many Strange Events in Sky_8747Many Strange Events in Sky_8781Many Strange Events in Sky_8736Many Strange Events in Sky_8740Oddities of sun going through chemtrails

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Many Strange Events in Sky_8688comments

Laura Ludwig we had a lot of that so called snow here in Michigan last winter, I expect we will get it again, you can tell it is chemical snow by its smell alone, it has a distinct odor, offensive odor,. I believe it also damages snow blowers, and its not the same when you shovel it.

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3 thoughts on “Multiple Strange Events In This Sky”

  1. I enjoy seeing your photos. Thank you. I have been watching all the strangeness myself since Feb 2013 and saw the fake snow first hand. I had photos when it first started to fall of the individual snowflakes that were shaped like 8 sided stars, rods and small orbs. They have mysteriously disappeared from my site, but I know what I saw.


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