Freaky UFO objects in sky over Halifax

Published on Jan 24, 2014

Is this video playing for you? I can watch any other youtube videos but youtube wont let mine play..

I just watched it on a different computer.

Youtube put in some strange pixelating on this HD video.

I do not have any pixelating on my original that I uploaded. The jittering and jumping is done by youtube.

Youtube lowered the quality of this HD video.

Someone has tapered with this video and cut out short little one second pieces making the video look like it is jumping.

Youtube is messing up this video…
Watch this object on left change shape and watch the rectangular one on right flipping..

Freaky UFO Jan 24 2014 am_1458 Freaky UFO Jan 24 2014 am_1453Green Winged BeingGreen Winged Being_5376AAA

Click on thumbnail. Press F11 for full screen. Right Click to Download.


One thought on “Freaky UFO objects in sky over Halifax”

  1. FWIW It seemed to play properly for me… I too have noticed YouTube taking liberties with the videos of it’s subscribers, as though it is attempting to (help) hide something from the people. What frustrates me is that they changed the “annotations” choices in the “Video Editor” to exclude the placing of pauses into the videos. This makes it virtually impossible to point out specific things within the video, negating the effect of even posting it! Anyway…. Great video!


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