DECEPTION ! PROJECT BLUE BEAM RAPTURE you will be a true believer

A NWO technology break through that will be used to deceive you in the near future. A false alien invasion is in the cards and most people will take it hook line and sinker.

Then they will be sunk.

Published on Jun 7, 2012

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Project Blue Beam in Action MUST SEE THIS !!!

New World Order NWO Fake Alien Invasion

Published on May 6, 2013

Project BlueBeam – Fake Invasion – Michio Kaku – The Holographic BS

Published on May 7, 2015

The infamous NASA Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible.

I’ll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible!

Project Blue Beam EXPOSED! Massive Sky Anomaly Seen Across Western US! – Error? Beta Test?

Published on Sep 14, 2014

What Was That Strange Streak Of Light In The Bay Area Sky Friday Morning? –
BEST VIDEO of spiral light over Norway –

That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.

What is the Blue Beam Project?

It involves two things. A technologically simulated “second coming” and the reemergence of new “MONTAUK” type projects that have the ability to take up a whole bunch of people as in a “rapture” type of situation and whisk the whole bunch into never-never land.

Ironically, portions of the holographic projections have the potential for changing the planet into oneness with God. Unfortunately, this operates on the premise that Man shall somehow become God in human form and control other Men and dictate all actions and thoughts.

The calculated resistance to the new religion, the New World Order and the new “Messiah” will entail human loss on a massive scale in the ensuing “holy wars”. The “BLUE BEAM PROJECT” will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as major an event as that which took place 2000 years ago.

In principle, it will make use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based laser-generating satellites (star wars). These projectors will project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet, in every language by region.

How to Fake an Alien Invasion – Project Bluebeam 2015

Published on Jun 13, 2015

We all know about the crude pie-plate-on-string UFO hoaxes that have been perpetrated in the past. But what if I were to tell you the greatest UFO hoax of all time is being prepared right now, and it has Rockefeller backing and UN/Vatican/presidential support?

False Flag Alien Event – Don’t Fall For It When It Happens!

Published on Mar 23, 2012

Collection of clips and evidence regarding the coming staged false flag alien event.

How They’ll Convince you to Worship Aliens (2013)

Published on Apr 12, 2013

A new study released from scientific researchers say we ALL have “alien” DNA. Is this yet another piece to the puzzle of the coming alien deception?

Dr. Steven Greer : The Fake Alien Invasion and Fake Alien Abductions

Published on Apr 5, 2013

Highlights from ‘Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer.’

Dr. Steven Greer & Linda Willitts : Opportunities for ET Disclosure in 2009 – (February 27th, 2009)

Full interview:

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Please visit:
Steven Greer’s blog:

Opportunities for ET Disclosure in 2009

Opportunities for ET Disclosure in 2009: What are the possibilities in the US, in Europe, in Asia and the rest of the world for the coming year.

WikiLeaks : LEAKED – U.N. Briefing On Alien God Arrival

Published on Oct 30, 2012


This is a restricted video briefing intended for U.N. DIPLOMATS ONLY. It covers the recent arrival of an alien god (believed to be Christ), and the attacks this alien god and his forces have conducted upon the United States.

There has been a complete media blackout on these events.

Copy, repost and distribute, in case this video is removed!

How the Illuminati Will Create the False Flag Alien Event

Uploaded on Jun 1, 2011

Lately it seems that an operation has emerged attempting to discredit weapons like HAARP and other Directed Energy Weapons.

There is a very specific reason that they do not want us to know about these weapons and their capabilities.

Watch this video and find out exactly what it is they don’t want you putting together.

This video could save you from one of the biggest deceptions ever… A deception that is going to snare even many anti-NWO researchers.

Blue Beam Fake Rapture

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2010

There is a fake rapture coming.

The Bible gives many examples of a fake preceding the plan of God. Saul & David; Esau & Jacob; Ishmael & Isaac; the old testament covenant of Moses & the new testament covenant of Jesus.

The real rapture has these characteristics: Jesus comes in the clouds. He is seen by the whole world. The dead in Christ rise and are caught up first. The saints are caught up second. The saints are taken up from exactly where they are: field, bed, mill… wherever. They do not walk anywhere to be raptured.

In the fake rapture, people must walk to teleportation locations to be beamed up. They are beamed up to space, not the clouds. They are all killed there by demons who are pretending to be “aliens”.

Scriptures referenced in video:
1 Thes 4:17
Mat 24:40
Luke 17:34
1 Cor 15:52

My dream blog:

Project Blue Beam and the New World Orders Sinister Plan

Uploaded on Jan 28, 2011

The Government Rag | Researcher and journalist, Stephanie Sledge exposes more of NASA’s Project Blue Beam and tells of a horrific sinister plan of the New World Order powers-to-be plan for humanity with Radio Host Joyce Riley on The Power Hour.

This unbelievable plan to bring about a New Age Religion will be the ultimate fear mongering tactic using Scalar technologies and HAARP to make the remainder of the world obey as another cover-up is taking place in our Heavens.

714 – What has your mobile phone got to do with Project Blue Beam, HAARP, Chemtrails, etc.?

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2010

Download branwave & FQ model in 7 languages:

Watch the “movie” CONTROL FACTOR:

Learn to DESWITCH your brain:

Share the message with your family, loved ones and all you care for.


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