Two Suns Rise Over Halifax Nova Scotia 12 08 2013

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Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7369 Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7361 Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7355 Two Suns Rise 12 08 2013_7332

This video is running in slow motion.

Eric Dollard The SUN can NOT be seen from space…

Published on Mar 11, 2013

For those of you who think that this is a reflection on my window.

Please have a look at this photo series I just did out of the same window and from exactly the same spot..You will not see two suns.

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Two Suns Rise Over Halifax_001_VIEWERS COMMENTS.

  • Claude Leblanc I found this weird too at first but 2 suns would mean we would be gone and dry by now …Sun is a giant fireball and 2 means 2XFire lol Maybe it’s some sort of rare illusion the sun makes or something …But it sure ain’t 2 suns ..
  • Daniel J Towsey Global warming?

    • Claude Leblanc Global Warming is caused by Companies not caring for Earth and Draining her Blood ..And suppressing technology that would help Earth …The sun might be getting warmer but 2 would mean double everything and even the Pull from the Gravity of the Second Sun would make everything int the Solar System Unbalanced ..And planets would go flying …
    • Daniel J Towsey gravitty…Pole Shift?
      They also claim that the sun has flipped its axis..graviational pull from second sun..PlanetX Nibiru..

      • Claude Leblanc well now that you mentioned planet x you made me think of something …

        • Claude Leblanc they did admit there where invisible bodies in our solar system that can not be seen but they know are there …This might be it becoming visible for a day …

          • Daniel J Towsey My idea is that plasetx is behind our sun and that our sun is illuminatting planetx. yes..go to my to see many more amazing photos with multiple objects.. not just a second sun..

            • Claude Leblanc My theory is it is a Plant caught between 2 Parallel Universes …Sounds Crazy but much more Credible than 2 suns lol …The Annunaki or wtv are extra dimensional and proof is everywhere …Even CERN and Government Reptiles lol
            • Daniel J Towsey Yes many of my photos appearing to be capturing other dimenssions..
  • Claude Leblanc I happen to believe in it because of the day i almost died as a kid lol Don’t want people in the group to think i am nuts so all i will say is i almost drowned and saw stuff lol
  • Claude Leblanc Crappy Lifeguards where i am from lol And uncle was too busy looking at girls so i dived off of the tallest board and i was like 4 or 5 lol
  • Daniel J Towsey Aliens as sprits are very real..I know…I have seen them in kidding..Light orbs is how some travel and can tranform to real live cratures from their orbs
  • Claude Leblanc Yah took the Faces of the Fallen ones …Made them so they would have 0 feelings ect shown in their faces …mentions it somewhere in Scripture …
  • Claude Leblanc Now people call em Aliens and the old days called em demons lol
  • Daniel J Towsey Yes there are multiple alien races on our planet. I believe they have always been here. Just as long as we. Hey did you know that fossils of humans have now been found that are over three millions years old..for real.
  • Daniel J Towsey They found them deep in a coal mine embedded in the coal..
    • Claude Leblanc Yeah i heard about that somewhere but didn’t look into it much ..but i don’t consider ape like creatures to be human …I believe the humans had hairy bodies and somewhat evolved but evolution in the way of monkey becoming man i have trouble believing …
    • Daniel J Towsey no these were not ape like and human fossils hundreds of thousands of years olsd have been found many other places including full skeletons..humans have always been humans and we did not decend from dumb apes. We are the alians on this planet..hahaha
      • Claude Leblanc Ah I also heard they found tools that where older than the dinosaurs that where basically impossible to have existed because they where forged from steel like a blacksmith made em ..And yeah in reality we are the real aliens lol The proof is in our feet …Every creature on the planet has feet made for this planet even monkeys …But we have feet like we come from somewhere like a soft planet and our underfoot is loaded with weak spots ect …
      • Daniel J Towsey Annanaki lives on one of the planets orbiting nibiru which comes for a visits every 2600 years or so..Our relatives are coming to visit soon..ahahhaha

David Nelsen

Not a good recording but I do like the slowed down howling dog, in the background, sound. Keep trying whomever recorded this. Too many people just disregard odd experiences as they would rather just sleeeep!


Daniel, may be this was a reflection! BTW, make sure there is not barking dog next to you, when recording another video! Thank you!!


Please go see the will know it is not a reflection..if it is then why nothing else is reflected..But I know for sure this is no reflection..see all my other videos and photos at TheNibiruSunset site..
Patrick Jerome Howard says, That looks like just a circular cloud being lite up by the sun cause it doesn’t have the light ring like the actual sun on the left.
Daniel J Towsey replies,  duhhhh! What? So you think think clouds are circular. Jezz that must mean the sun is a a circular cloud..Please have a look at the photos and other posts I have done with two suns..then go to youtube and check out the videos from all over the planet showing two suns..
Patrick Jerome Howard says, then why wouldn’t we see two suns during the day in a clear sky.
nvm this is the first ive herd about two suns but checking into it.
thats kinda scary actually if you looks at our solar system moves threw the galaxy so when we get to the point where we meet another they can crash into eachother and mix hypothetically and changing both.
Daniel J Towsey replies, How about you go on my site and look at all the information and then seek the answer for your self..
Your question falls into the same category as “Why is there a ring around saturn?”
These photos and videos are very real..
One thing people understand is that the sun gets so bright in the day and that the other object is near and behind the sun so that the sun is too bright for us to see it..
Then we truthers know that NASA and their whole bunch are nothing but a huge fraud and out right liers…
Ask your self why did Obama shut down all live feeds from satellites and anything else that seeds information to the public..
Yes every official source of information has been shut down.. All public NASA sites on the internet are shut down.
Yes it is very scary..but I hate to inform you that on my site you will find much more scary real stuff…
Patrick Jerome Howard says, well that makes sense why they have been making the underground bases and seed vaults i watched simulations of solar systems crashing and the first sign was two suns but it was predicted farther down the road i guess that was all a lie to
Daniel J Towsey replies Yes they are a bunch of liers.. And Nibiru is part of a solar system that comes through ours. The Nibiru systems has everything. A sun, a huge dwarf star, planets, satelite moons etc.. This is for real..That second sun is actually a huge dwarf planet being lit up by the light from out sun.
Daniel J Towsey says, Believe me it gets much more interesting..we are not alone in this universe and their are aliens helping us..
All that chemtrailing has create a metalic oxide shield around our planet..
That is what HAARP and Project bluebeam are part off..
It keeps getting more interesting.
On my site you will see that what we believe to be our sun is nothing less then a light orb..
Yes for real. Have a look at all my up close photos show that the sun is actually in out atmosphere and is moving through the clouds..
What I have learned is that our planet is being moved far away out of harms way. Have you notice all the plants and trees dying world wide?
That is because the real sun is not there to feed the plants.
Patrick Jerome Howard i wont lie i have been feeling and dreaming a lot thats just starting to make sense.
Daniel J Towsey Hollywood, television and all the official NWO sources of information have presented us with a really stupid understand of what spiritual alien beings are..
How about crop circles? Have you studied the topic? If you have you would know that they are NOT man made and are indeed of spiritual beings communicating with us through other dimensions. There are more then just three dimension of reality.
Patrick Jerome Howard says, i believe and know alot of the things and reality are false but i just fall into everything we are told is a lie but can you send me a link to the alien and world stuff i only found you bankster stuff.
ya i know the crop circles and stuff like that
Daniel J Towsey This might help you to understand.…/top-secret…/

– TOP SECRET – Extra Terrestrial Message By Daniel J Towsey AUDIO-VIDEO TRANSCRIPT As a few of you know, we have traveled space for an eternity. We are different than you. We communicate telepathic...
Spirit beings are not evil and can only help those of us who have a pure good truthful spirit..
Patrick Jerome Howard i was dreaming this lately.

Daniel J Towsey says, Dreaming is your spirit being without the limitations of human mortal.
Daniel J Towsey The secret to reality is to always seek to understand “What Is” and never “Why IT Is” If you go into the why, you will drive yourself insane.
Why is like asking why is there rocks etc. So, “Matter has always existed and that is why it does not matter.”
Daniel J Towsey Ascension is the growth and development of your spirit into the eternal infinite spiritual cosmos..
Empower your spirit by always seeking and giving truth…
For truth is a way of thinking.. Truth is absolute and the further you go from truth, the weaker your spirit gets..
Until you reach the opposite absolute of truth which is insanity..
now you know the secret of your reality that the insane NWO has kept from humanity.
Daniel J Towsey You are a spirit being like all our spiritual alien beings helping us from the infinity universe..
But like I said.. They can not help humanity, if humanity is not helping itself..
    Daniel J Towsey Guide your spirit towards the life giving blinding light of truth.
    For one lives in the darkness of insanity until they seek the light of truth.
    Daniel J Towsey One last thought..
  • Daniel J Towsey

     “When the seeds of truth are sown.

    The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment”

    For if humanity is not guided into the future by truth. The we are all doomed..

      Patrick Jerome Howard i think i may puke in a good way i feel like you just confirmed everything i thought and dreamed the past few weeks i dont know what to say i just loved that video so much \
      Daniel J Towsey Which video?
      Patrick Jerome Howard youre a great person to have met the universe has yet again placed the right person on my path in this life
      Daniel J Towsey That is how spirits meet..through love..for Love and Truth are one and the same..One does not and can not exist without the other..
      Patrick Jerome Howard thinking with out limitations of words and the extraterrestrial message just made so much sense in my head
      Daniel J Towsey Oh and the figurative puking is good..It just means your spirit is cleansing .
Patrick Jerome Howard all my life i have seen things dreamed stuff and view life completely different. its a relief i have to lay down and meditate with this thank you so much.
Daniel J Towsey Here my spiritual friend.…/i-am-in-love-and-i…/

Posts about I am in love and I am so happy – POEM written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier.


 Published on Aug 29, 2013


I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but in your video “DREAM /WARNING /GET READY!” around 1:35 there is a orb of light going up your wall it happens right after you say “second day” it’s on the right side of the screen, it may be a reflection of light or something but I’m not sure but what ever it was it caught my attention  · 

Crystal Clay

i am aware:) if you want to see some more i just put up 2 new videos called angels and angels2 remember to test the Spirits!May JESUS bless you!
shay lo

+Crystal Clay I saw this too! i was bout to message


Yes it is a light orb..Light orbs are your guardian spiritual protectors..angels..

Susan Mellott Dolan

You are beautiful to witness of your mother. I would have wanted my daughter to have witnessed as you and none believed what Ten Men and a Road had even wanted when I heard it from a Pope, much less dreams that chronicled all that this work of phenomenology is about. Give your mom my e at usphenomenology You know when it is God. You witnessed beautifully. Susan Mellott Dolan


1st Dream: The spiritual attacks you encountered during sleep are rooted in you possessing something that is in one way or another tied is to a demon.It could be the simplest of things such as a book, bracelet, dog collar or something else that was either given to you or you purchased.

The fact you had no control over what you were doing in the dream shows that there is a aspect of your personality that isn’t under the control of the Holy Spirit.
(We all experience this the process of learning to yield our will to God.)
There is something or someone in your life that you should let go of otherwise it will continue to hinder your spiritual growth.
By calling on Jesus for help (and only Jesus), you will be empowered to overcome and let go of whatever it may be that’s keeping you held in bondage.
2nd Dream: Sadly there are billions of people living in the ocean of life as if they don’t have a care in the world concerning their relationship with the Lord.  
Their at easy, enjoying themselves, ignoring the dangers of sin that lurk in the steams of a sinful lifestyle. Even no longer viewing sin or disobedience as dangerous.  
Yet!  the true believer will thirst for the things of God and in their pursuit of them will discover that God is indeed Good and his word nourishing to the mind, body and soul.
Only those who give a sincere effort of seeking the Lord will discover that he is the fountain of Life and that his word is the only crystal clear revelation of Truth. 

Beryl Boanerges

White spots slowly flying seen at:1:36; 2:40; 2:44; 5:10; 5:14; 7:05, 7:06, 7:07 on the nose and across forehead then 7:08 across right shoulder to the rear upper left part of the mirror frame. Then at 7:24 coming in from the upper right corner of the wall to 7:25 across hair over left shoulder and then dropping down left arm.


May God bless you, Crystal. Prophets are saying the rapture is in December. In my last video, my featured one, I sing and play bass guitar to the song Swing Down Sweet Chariot. It’s soon. Take care sister and be of good cheer. Our redemption draws near.

Pastor Cameron

Do you know there is all kinds of orbs/angels flying around in the video you have about your moms dream of Jesus lol.  Just thought I would let you know , few of my friends were like whattttttttt look at that , your so cute in the way your so innocent as all this stuff is going on behind you and you don’t seem to have any idea ..sorta funny like angels are flying all around you lol.  Thank you for sharing was amazing video !

1.The sand represents the earth becoming dry and spiritually dead as the desert that is abandoned w/o life.2.II Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. WTBS, when the Lord does appear, the entire earth will see Him all at the same time. Luke 17 says two will be in bed, one taken…two grinding in the mill, one take…two in the field, one taken. No matter what time of day, all will witness the glory of the Most High. Revelation 1: 7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.3.Fire falling from heaven is judgment upon those who did not repent. If you read Revelation there are a number of occasions when ppl failed to heed the warnings of the Lord God Yehovah. Even after the plagues, some still refused to repent. In Genesis Yehovah cleansed the earth by water, His nxt judgment is by fire. The earth turning gold signifies the purification of the earth of all that is evil. Job 23:10…when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. II Peter 3:11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 12.Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?4.You and your mother being dressed in red robes shows you & her (all those who escape judgment) are covered in the blood of Jesus and are safe (Proverb 18:10). Do know that in your witnessing, every test, & every trial He is you all’s hiding place. I suggest y’all make Psalm 91 & John 16:33 something to live by.5.24 represents the priesthood, but also a day. Not necessarily a 24hr day, but a period of time. The Word of the Lord says 1000 yrs is as one day with the Lord (Psalm 90:4, II Peter 3:8). Mark 13: 32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.6.Revelation 21:1. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. 2.And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3.And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. 4.And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. 5.And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.I pray that the words I have received are comforting. May the Holy Ghost, the Teacher, enlighten you with much understanding & wisdom.


I saw orbs around you and apparently so did other people . I think that means you are watched over. By the way you lok a lot like your Mom. God Bless the both of you.

redlip blonde

hey clay in the video i watched of you talkig about your moms vision then god in the clouds as soon as you were saying how you felt just like that there wasa orb floating in right  of you in the video then floating up then downward check this out it was when you felt the holy spirit god bless yjoght youd want to know this i saw itrour video to the  tr


I just finished watching DREAM WARNING/GET READY about your Mom’s dream.

So fascinating but even more so with the orbs starting at 7:05 and two more after.
And I knew you could see them because you were trying to catch them! Amazing!
I had a vision/dream of an angel that started out like a small orb and glowed like a blue light and grew and shot out behind me into a beautiful angel.
I will tell you if you want to know but Im so glad you put out this video! Love you too! And thank you sister! I subscribed

rossolini geldoff

p.s. Don’t let peoples opinions get you down.Keep looking up!blessings

chase stewy

 in your dream vid you can see the holy spirits like a ghostly whisps around you its AMAZING PRAISE GOD

Michael Laughlin

the vid u posted on dream warning aug 29 has a lot of incredible things happen during the vid. When you Feel the Holly Spirit there is a light flying around you. And at one point you subconsciously point right at the little light that comes right from you and you say what is that but you didn’t even see it. Amazing.

C Ellis

Sister I just watched your video…Dream /warning Get Ready and at 9.27 an orb /spirit/angel passed over you just as you felt it!!!! also saw the same thing in the video of BrideofChrist347’s video Psalm 27 for the wedding party at 8.24!! Angels everywhere!!!!

LadyOrchidity Heartily

Hi, I would like to tell you about your Mother’s Dream how she saw Chariots Came to take the Saints to Heaven, My Mom had the Same part Dream like that….I still remember when she told me, that When Jesus Comes He will bring everyone their own Chariots to go to Heaven! And that has Really Encouraged me! Amen to Our Lord and Savior! And God Bless you and your Family! Amen!

LadyOrchidity Heartily

Hi, I would like to tell you about your Mother’s Dream how she saw Chariots Came to take the Saints to Heaven, My Mom had the Same part Dream like that….

I still remember when she told me, that When Jesus Comes He will bring everyone their own Chariots to go to Heaven!
And that has Really Encouraged me! Amen to Our Lord and Savior! And God Bless you and your Family! Amen!


Bon’s Blog – Hearing from God

Listening to God and recording His Life-Giving Words

Bradley Keane

great dream, but we need a interpretation…As I write this, the comet ison is racing toward

the sun at 155,000 MPH(real time),
If it makes it around the sun it could shower the earth with dust and fireballs from its 186,000 mile long tail, it will reach the sun on 11/28/13, then we will see. check this info out I copied…On June 13, 2013,
the Spitzer imaged Comet ISON with its Infrared Array Camera and observed carbon dioxide – along with dust – evenly spewing away from the comet’s nucleus. This, in turn, is creating a spectacular tail which could be as much as 186,400 miles long.
That’s more than half the distance between the Earth and Moon!
“We estimate ISON is emitting about 2.2 million pounds (1 million kilograms) of what is most likely carbon dioxide gas and about 120 million pounds (54.4 million kilograms) of dust every day,” said Carey Lisse, leader of NASA’s Comet ISON Observation Campaign and a senior research scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.

Jonathan Swift

I’d like to share with you my testimony of the moment I was saved by Christ on 10/01/13.

I won’t go to much into my back story too much but before that date I had been suffering from serious depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, suicidal thoughts for as long as I could remember. I had always been searching for God but believed Christ to be a made up figure.
I was on youtube flipping through videos when I came across one of yours for the first time.
You were describing a dream your mom had about Jesus coming.
As I was watching I began to remember times when I had felt the way you felt, filled with spirit. It had been so long.
Then suddenly as I was thinking and feeling this I felt a light fill up inside me and overwhelm me with joy.
At that exact moment in your video you stopped your speech and said something like “Sorry for stopping there I was just overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit.” Could this be what was inside me all these years? I was blown away by this and felt such awe.
Then, suddenly, I saw myself yelling and screaming at loved ones in the past, I saw myself smoking weed all day playing computer games.
I saw flashes of myself watching pornography, using drugs, lying stealing, and cheating..everything in a matter of seconds.
I suddenly began crying so hard and I said to God “I’m so sorry for all the wrong I’m doing.
I’m doing such bad! I couldn’t see it before.
I thought I could do it alone but I can’t do it alone. I need you God, PLEASE.’
Then I got up to go to my bathroom to grab a towel and dry my tears (there were lots!) On the wall outside the door to my bathroom is a large mirror that goes from ceiling to floor.
I looked at myself standing there sad and alone and at that moment I started seeing what appeared to be vapor coming up out of the left side of the mirror and going back in the mirror on the right side.
I reached out my palm to touch the stream and right before my hand reached it the vapor took the form or a hand and gently wrapped around mine.
At that moment, all the shock and sadness I had just felt from my powerfully weeping experience disappeared instantly and I felt the most peaceful feeling of piece and joy that I had ever had in my entire life. Amazed, I took my eyes off the vapor hand and looked up at my face.
Then I saw in the mirror, standing behind myself was the figure of a man dressed in all white robes that glowed and shimmered and sparkled and his face was directly above and behind my right shoulder.
The face of this man did not look like mine but was made up of what looked like an infinite number of tiny stained glass pieces arranged in a beautiful pattern that glowed out only white pure light.
Though, as I said earlier that I had shunned and even scoffed at the thought of Christ for years, instantly in that moment, I knew with ALL my heart and ALL my soul that standing behind me was Jesus Christ.
An immense sense of humbling fear took over me and I only looked into his face for a second almost stunned before I lowered my eyes to his feet in the mirror and I began crying again and spoke to him out loud.
I told him I would make it my mission for the rest of my days to honor him and follow him so that someday I could be worthy enough to accept his gaze.
I have since quit all my addictions except my electronic cig which I say goodbye to today. My anger is gone, I’ve grown in my relationships with my family.
I read the Bible daily, have found a church and attend Bible study. I am a whole new person in so many ways I can’t even describe.
My friends and family don’t recognize me! Christ loves us all so much!
The very night before someone handed me a get saved flyer at work and when they left I tore it into tiny pieces and threw it in the trash with anger in my heart and Christ STILL SHOWED UP AND SAVED ME. So long story short, thank you for your video.
You are a special spirit and triggered something inside my spirit.
If I hadn’t found your video who knows how long it could have taken me..God Bless


you should watch the video “the god helmet.”

Frank S

I think its so cool you talk about the dreams, i used to have a lot of them when younger.

They are important.

Pistol Pete Vision

The sand from the sky could be that from comet ISON or I SON, which will make like red sand or dust…   that we will enter very soon here… look for comet ison interactive trajectory..


marry me lol

Dylan Stone

you made me believe in GOD 

paul silvera

Thank you very much for sharing something so private … the dreams of your mom …. I also had prophetic dreams when I lived in Michigan in1995 all equal … and from that moment I knew something was going to happen …. you should see these pages …. Edgar Cayce’s predictions

      Edgar Cayce’s predictions       the Hopi `s predictions
      Hopi’s Blue Star Prophecy & End Times
I really liked you videos there are very inspiring God bless you………


Hello Crystal your video about the Rapture really blessed me., Just wanted you to know we posted your video on our website: PlatinumSouls (dotcom) Check it out..

Chris S

Dreams are strange there is some kind of lesson from them when you have them think in a rightouse wayand pray to god for understanding.

I had a weired dream this morning, as we get closser to God,    satan what to tear us apart from him. Love u God does too……..

Blessed Brides       

Blessed Children

Accepted Christ as savior? Wonderful. WELCOME to the Blessed Brides Family! Now, be baptized (water). Ask for the gift of the holy spirit (fire).
Pray and talk with Jesus daily. Read your bible.
Have a quiet time daily to listen for spiritual instruction and to be recharged spiritually (like when you recharge your cell phone).
Believe you have been forgiven of your sins. Repent daily to resist temptation (through the power of the Holy Spirit).
You have been born again. Work on developing and maintaining a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, get ready for your true adventure…
Your NEW LIFE has just begun. HalleluYAH! 🙂 Song: If the savior stood beside me by Emma Mead 
Hello sweet sister, I was not sure how to email you this? So I am putting it here. 
My first video with audio.  Enjoy. God Bless you always ~ Cindy 

Boschtjan Zupanchich

Thanx to Lord God Heavenly Father Jesus-Ieoua-Sabaoth, for “better sisters” like you are !!! 🙂 Alleluyaaa !!! 😀

Murillo Pedreiro

You are awesome, and about Jesus coming real soon to catch us i want to share with you two amazing videos.

This wise prophet (prudentheart) says God revealed to her that ISON is Jesus and the angels coming for the rescue event ISON IS “THE SON” !!URGENT WARNING!! THE SON OF MAN’S RETURN/RESCUE….


Next is the most amazing discovery where the comet Ison (I son) has the same illustration as the Tree of Life which nevertheless is Life, and Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life
http://What Is ISON …just look…. 28th of November! The first coming could be this day. The second, no ones know it.


God bless you Crystal 🙂

Hi Crystal, I watched your rapture dream video and I keep seeing your sweet face and your excitement at the coming of our King.
Riding to work today, I kept tearing up and kept getting the chills.
I am certain at one point when you got the chills in the video I saw something float toward the right hand upper atmosphere above you and everything in my spirit
convicts me to share with you that Blessed Spirit was all over you girl!
The amazing thing is that I saw and Believed, yet even so,
I had not seen before and still Believed in the Promise of the Comforter and the Return of the Christ whom I await, breathlessly. Peace

In your Dream Warning video, you say that you and your mom were dressed in red.  Maybe that is symbolic of you being covered by the blood of Jesus.

Crystal, your mom’s dream sounds eerily like what could happen as we pass through Comet ISON’s tail in January.

The sand could be the dust that is possible.

Also, unique cloud formations are possible in the upper atmosphere.

Astronomers are predicting Earth will be bombarded on all sides.

Relay this to your mother.


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