Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax 11 29 2013

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Multiple Suns Rise_6657For those of you who think that this is a reflection on my window.

Please have a look at this photo series I just did out of the same window and from exactly the same spot..You will not see two suns.

Multiple Suns Rise_6671Multiple Suns Rise_6766Multiple Suns Rise_6806Multiple Suns Rise_6799Multiple Suns Rise_6829

Eric Dollard The SUN can NOT be seen from space…

Published on Mar 11, 2013

Click on first image. Press F11 for full screen.

I recommend you right click on each of the full size links to download every image and view them at full resolution on your computer.


  • Tony Hope Wow the world is falling apart they so many things going bad at once what hell do we as people do.The situation look hopeless. But good folks like you do help rest up us to work even hard! My appreciate all of your hard work friend of Light!
  • Daniel J Towsey this is this morning
  • Daniel J Towsey Thank you Tony.
  • Daniel J Towsey Hey last night on the local news they had a special interview with a NASA guy. He annouced that comet Ison crashed into the sun and was destroyed..So now no one can say these images are comet ison.

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