Insane People of This Planet Are Bringing About The Destruction Of Earth By Aliens

Insane People of This Planet Are Bringing About The Destruction Of Earth By Aliens

 Written by Daniel J Towsey.

This is your second warning.

So you really think that humans are intelligent?

How intelligent is it to destroy the perfection of the natural world?

The insane corporate banksters are destroying our once naturally healthy planet.

Insane (Original song written by Greg Spencer)

You think their are no other conscious beings of energy in the universe?

Here on my Chemtrails site you can see the evidence of more then twenty years of Chemtrailing and the two mile thick wrapping of that material around our planet.

We now have an artificial atmosphere.

If you go to my other site

You will see photographic evidence of activities happening to our planet now..

You will also see that were are not alone in this universe.

Things are no longer natural on planet Earth. Nothing is natural as it once was.

The criminally insane corporate minds are out of control and the community of the universe has made a decision.

The mental illness of corporatism can no longer be permitted to continue to spread its insanity illness.

Aliens have made the decision that unless humans show a positive attitude NOW, and change its negative destructive ways.

Aliens will completely end planet earth.

Some humans are Alien to the meaning of God.

Some humans think that their is only one God.

But many do not know the spirit of the universe.

The infinite universe is of conscious positive energy spirits of light, truth and love.


God is the term that describes the whole of those spirits.

Only pure healthy spirits are permitted to ascend to the infinite.

Those who do not know or respect the only law of nature will not ascend.

Only perfection continues in nature.

If you have not perfected your spirit to reach for the positive light of truth, then your spirit will just end and cease to exist.

I sent a previous message and you did not listen or chose to not want to know truth.

The spirit of the universe is Alien to most diseased humans.

If you do not have a healthy beautiful natural spirit then you have failed.

You are all conscience beings named humans.

You have a conscience mind.

You are conscious of reality.

So are you conscious of what humans have done to destroy planet Earth?

Are you one of the humans that has contributed to the destruction of planet Earth?

Those who seek and speak no truth have only achieved the illness of insanity.

TOP SECRET Extra Terrestrial Message

The horrors of what the insane are doing is limitless. For the insane have no self control.

They are completely out of control and are unleashing their corporate mental disease all over this planet.

The Aliens (Gods, Spirits) can not permit this diseased planet to continue..

The Aliens see the chemtrails poison..

Yes our planet is now completely sealed in.

The likes of Monsanto are the reason why the end is near.

Here are just a few of the things humans are doing to planet earth.

Read how Fukushima and the insanity of nuclear waste and energy are now going to kill this planet.

Sharing truth is the what has a chance to save planet Earth.

Truth is Love. Love is Truth. One can not exist without the other.

It is time for humanity to love truth.

It is time for humanity to show love for our home planet, Earth.

The Gods have not yet ended planet earth.

The Gods will only help those who help themselves.

If humanity does not now try to help planet Earth, then you are all doomed.

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth, then humanity is doomed.

That means that all humans have to help to do the right thing and seek the power of truth.

When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grass roots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment.

It is time for humanity to sow the healthy seeds of truth.


So a healthy tree of life can grow.


Those healthy trees will provide healthy food for thought.

Without healthy trees all of this planet dies.

The Chemtrails material being sprayed by the insane are killing all the trees.

Soon all that will remain is a hot surface with no shade from the trees.

Only carbon in the air for the trees that consumed the carbon and released oxygen are dying from the chemtrailing.

So are you thinking that what I have written sounds insane.

Will it is.

Remember truthers always sound insane when they are telling you what the insane are doing.

This is your second warning.

There may not be a third extraterrestrial message.

If their were. Would Earthlings still be alive to hear it?

It is now up to humanity to decide if they are going to start doing what is right!



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