There are allot of theories about Ison

theories about Ison
There are allot of theories about iSON, the biggest thing to know two words “Don’t Panic” To fully answer we must first take into effect other truths of reality. Here are my thoughts…

1) Energy and different vibrational frequencies can literally pass right through each other or be invisible. So could it be possible that since we humans and the Earth (has we know it to be) is on 7.8 HZ vibrational frequency it’s fixed unchangeable to us. So if we can prove that there is different energies on different frequencies interacting with each other. Then could it be possible that there are different aspects of iSON and all of the other celestial bodies in space? If there nothing to hide then we again no media coverage or Hubble? SO we see a comet but what do we not see??

Michio Kaku confirms David Icke was right

Uploaded on Oct 5, 2010   Know your rights:

2) Multiple images from many different earth based telescopes and very few Hubble images because NASA won’t show them to us. However iSON is made up of multiple parts in some pictures by changing the filter of light to view the object. In some pictures it shows it has a forward jet or something the is pulling ISON and other images they are not there. It could be some people are editing photos, the real only way to prove that is Hubble since Hubble can see nearby Galaxies but we can’t use it to view iSON. Logically would point to they are hiding something, and then what are they hiding? You don’t not do something everyone what’s you to do, unless there is a reason.

3) Also it’s just happened to be many cultures and artifacts across time all had related themes of comets bringing change to the Earth, and if you look around right in front of your face. Going back 30,000 years with the Emerald Tablets. Also with the Hopi and Sumerian, many others. So normally if everyone across the world and time are saying the same thing, normally it tends to be true.

a. <<>> “Lost Pyramids and Other Hidden Ancient Artifacts” (( That a cup having both the Orion and the Pleiadian star constellations on it, from a material magnetically should not exist!!))

Lost Pyramids and Other Hidden Ancient Artifacts

Uploaded on Aug 12, 2011

A symposium for lost pyramids, ancient artifacts, alien skulls and other anomalous objects from around the world. For a more deeper analysis go to

b.<<>> Emerald Tablet reviewing part 1 of 8

688 Emerald 1 UFO Commander & Christ

Uploaded on Dec 7, 2011


4) If you take into account that across time people have talked to or about gods, then Angels, now ET’s. What do they all have in common higher beings of energy and light with ability’s and knowledge to do whatever they wanted to like “Magic”.

5) Look at what the Governments are doing with the Drills, underground bases, and playing people stupid by covering very little of what’s going on in Space. There are four major comets in our solar system, three of the four within the distance of Mars and the Sun currently. iSON with a 10,000 year orbit, Encke with a 3.3 year orbit Lovejoy with a 622-year orbit and all three are within the distance of Mars to the Sun currently. Mathematically how often does that happen?? With no Media coverage??

6) The Government dumps of chemicals in the air, water, earth to poison Gaia and us. Lying about it and then telling us it for our own good. Also again all the media care about is health care and not actual health but paying for it. What so they spend 5 billion on weapons before the fake shutdown on Weapons but they can spend money on actual health services.

a. <<>> “LOOK! Pentagon Spends $5 Billion on Weapons on Eve of Shutdown!”

LOOK! Pentagon Spends $5 Billion on Weapons on Eve of Shutdown!

Published on Oct 2, 2013

Well Well , Watch the slight of hand in your face magic tricks folks !! While Thousands will go without pay and jobs, The Pentagon spends $5 BILLION On Toys !!

7) Why won’t they show the real color pictures of the Moon? The Red dust like sand on the surface, also the pyramid structures on the moon. Also why did they send a bomb to the south pole of the moon months ago? What are they hiding?

a. <<>> “Pyramids on the Moon – NASA’s Apollo lunar coverup”

Michio Kaku confirms David Icke was right

Uploaded on Oct 5, 2010

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