There is not one God

written by Daniel J Towsey


The idea of one God seems to me, a Roman idea.

We are told that God is a single and the only spirit in the universe.

That is a pyramid scheme.

The universe and its creation is not such a narrow minded reality.

Like infinity, the universe is infinite and has existed for the never ending infinity of time.

The life of the universe is of pure bright white energy.

That energy has been seen with the naked eye and has been video taped creating what we call ‘Crop Circles’

The energy of creation some call ‘Aliens” for truth is alien to most.

These Aliens appear as white orbs of pure light in various sizes.

Understanding that the universe is infinite and the spirits of life are infinite.

For all living life is created of that pure white energy of life.

Life can not exist without a spirit.

But when life is created is has to grow and mature to perfection for its spirit to live on.

The law of nature is very simple and also infinite.

That law is that only perfection can continue in infinity.

For the infinite creation of reality is perfection.

There can not be just one God, for that would mean that the reality of infinity would be impossible.

That impossibility is truly insanity.

That only one spirit exists in infinity that we call God,that is everywhere in infinity at the same time, is also an illogical impossibility.

Due to the Roman pyramid scheme, we are led to a falsehood of deception.

The number of spirits of energy and life are infinite.

The real meaning of God should then be understood to be just a human description of the reality that the infinite universe has an infinity of spirits.

There are only good spirits. The opposite of that would be, No good spirits.

Then the meaning of God should be closer to this meaning.

God is then the infinite community of the infinity of all spirits of life giving energy.

Those white orbs are spirits doing good and are flying on what we would call the wings of angels.

Our Sun is in the infinite of the universe giving us its energy of life.

Truth is always the only thing that empowers the individual human spirit.

That then is why the God we are told of is a pyramid scheme.

For pyramids schemes are the oppression that destroys the power of the individual human spirit.

There is not one God.

What there is, is an infinite number of Gods.

Those then are to be understood to be the spirits of the universe.

Spirits are the infinite energy of life and creation.

Spirits can and only exist of the reality of the powerful and bright enlightenment that comes to those who always seek and express truth.

As I said before, The only thing that empowers the life of you the individual is the power of truth.

Only truth empowers the individual.

Truth is power, also meaning that it is energy.

Our Sun is that power of energy that gives life to us and all living things.

The universe has an infinity of Suns which are life giving stars.

What does all life in our natural environment do?

All life is attracted to the energy of the Sun.

So why is it that humans do not understand their own spirit?

Why is it that so many have fallen under the control of those who lurk in the darkness

of the Illuminati’s Roman pyramid scheme of deception.

The infinity of darkness is a completely dead place that has no energy of spirits of life.

This planet is dying because we have surrendered the energy of our spirits to a Roman deception.

You were born of energy and your energy has to grow to become infinite.

Your spirit can only grow if you seek the truth and power of the infinite spirituality of existence.

You have to guide and control your spirit.

You have to consciously guide your spirit towards pure truth.

Humans have come under the control of those who hide in the darkness of insanity.

For your fear of truth, you have surrendered your energy by believing in the Roman empires one God deception.

Many people believe that we each are Gods.

We are not Gods. We are spirits but our very sick planet has become so, because to many of you are giving up your spiritual health.

If you surrender what gives you life, then you are draining your spirit.

If you do that, then you are violating the very law of nature.

The illness on this planet has the human spirit believing that there is a one God.

That idea is built on the pyramid scheme of mass control and draining of all human natural resources.

So if you continue to believe that thinking and that order only exists under the pyramid scheme of oppression where you think that somehow one individual knows best because they tell you that they are on top.

You all need to understand that in the infinity of spirituality we are all equal.

So we are spirits and not gods.

Our spirit can only enter into the infinity of spirituality by always going towards the light of truth.

If your individual spirit is not growing then it is also not giving off positive energy.

For a dying spirit has no energy to give.

The infinite universe of spirituality is where perfection is.

If your spirituality does not mature, then it only goes into the infinity of the dead empty darkness of space.

Everything in existence is in a natural balance. Good and Bad, right and left, in and out, up and down, negative and positive. Truth and no truth. Examples of how the universe works are infinite.

Yet our planet has become very ill due to the insanity of the God pyramid scheme of the Roman Empire.

If you do not use your conscience to become aware of your spirituality then your spirit will cease to exist when your earthly body wears out.

For only perfection can continue in natural existence.

We and all on this planet can not continue to exist if our society and the sum total of the spirituality of humans is led into the future by the lies and deceptions of the Illuminatti, NWO, Banksters, Corporate criminals, and all those who operate their lives under the pyramids scheme we now know as Corporations.

We can only save our planet if you learn what truth is and then just like all spirits of life, go out and sow those seeds of truth you have collected.

For then a healthy tree of life will grow from those seeds of truth.

Then the healthy tree of life will provide healthy energy for thought that empowers your spirit.

Like infinity, life is created by the spirit of truth.

So are you now understanding spirituality?

The universe has an infinite numbers of life giving spirits. But life can only continue if you always seek spiritual truth.

That truth is not a singular God, but is an infinity of spirits.

If you guide your spirit to other spirits then you are of the community of life.

For you then are aware that you exist and are now aware that your spirit is not alone.

If you communicate with spirituality, you then understand that you indeed are and have a spirit.

It is now time for all humans to save our natural world.

For the insane are those who never seek nor speak truth are killing this planet.

So please go out and seed the seeds of truth.

Learn what truth is.

Truth is not ‘The truth’, it is a way of thinking. If you learn how to think you will realize that the light of truth is the only thing that there is.

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth then we are all doomed.

Communicating with Spirits requires no words. For only humans use words to communicate.

Truth is always the simplest thing of all.

Human words only complicate life.

You need no words to communicate with the energy and life of spirituality.

You need to feel and sense the energy of your spirit. You also need to sense when your spiritual energy is being drained.

You can never be aware of your spirit if you do not look to see the spirit in others who are also aware.

Our planet does not need a pyramid scheme of faked reality to exist.

Our planet needs our collective awakening of understand the truth of life.

All living things are born of the energy of spirituality.

There is no BIG Bang in reality unless the words of truth are blowing your mind open to the truth of infinite reality.

The energy of the power of spirituality never ends and has existed for infinity.

You just have not awoken to that reality until my words BANGS your consciousness.

Do you love our planet?

Then please be conscious of what the insanity the pyramid scheme and their corporatism is.

If you do not go out and think for yourself by questioning all official sources of information.

Then you will be insane. For your lack of participation to bring the light of truth into this quickly dying planet is truly a sign of your insanity.

But do understand if your intentions are truthful that you wont be alone.

You can communicate with the infinity of spirituality for the strength you need..

Remember the crop circles and that the energy light orbs create them.

Will the spirits can only respond to your truthful positive requests.

If you truly need their help then they will help.

But they can not help those who do not help themselves first.

If you fear the power of pure truth, then you are doomed.

The big ‘O”

The Romans gave birth to the grand deception when they created their God.

That God was created by taking an ‘O’ out of good.

Then they created their Roman Empire and Created The Roman Catholic Religion.

So you think the workings of the Roman Empire no longer exists!

If you take the God theory out of the bible and replace it with Goodness.

You will come much closer to understanding the infinity of spirituality.

The Roman deception is that you need to go into one of their Roman edifices to find God.

But really you need to stay out of the Roman edifices to find the power of good. For truth is the only thing that is good.

They The Roman Church conducted their masses by always keeping the spiritually starving masses wanting.

The Romans have kept humanity under their control and deceitful influence by always keeping the masses of people wanting.. Buy never telling the whole truth of spirituality to the masses of people who have been fooled into believing that the pyramid scheme of thinking some how would be where they would find self empowerment.

So their real reason for creating their pyramid scheme, is so that they could teach the masses their Roman deceptions. Such as, God is in charge and you have no power. And that you need to surrender yourself to this Roman God.

All singularities of the Roman God are false deceptions.

The Romans even told everyone judge not, do nothing because God is in control, etcetera. The Roman empire has been built on insanity. The insanity has now grown to the point of making this whole planet so sick, that our dying spirits are killing this planet.

Spirits do no evil. (God does no evil). Satan, The Devil, does not exist, Hell does not exist. All that, only exists in the minds of the insane. The insanity of the Roman Empire is still at work on this planet.

If humanity does not NOW wake up to the reality that if you humans do not now all collectively start doing the good that needs to be done to bring this planet back into the light of truth, then our earth is doomed to the eternity of darkness.

Please understand that we are not alone in this infinite universe.

How could anyone think that other spirits, beings, aliens do not exist in the infinity of reality?

How could you not believe that there has to be other intelligent beings that are infinitely more advanced then we are?

Remember that infinity goes on for ever, in every direction of existence.

All good conscious living creatures have spirits. Yes what you call Aliens do exist and are intelligent and powerful.

But they only exist in truth.

Truth is life, so that no truth is death of you and your spirit.

The (Corporate) Roman Empire is made up of psychological spiritual leeches. They are draining the life blood out of your spirituality and that is killing mother Earth.

Mother earth is no longer Fertile with health. Mother is starving for pure truth.

Truth and Love only exist together. If one or the other is missing, then neither exist.

A World Wide Truth Revolution of spirituality is needed NOW.

It is time for you to Love Truth.

Good only comes to those who do good.


For goodness sake. Wake up you are in a living nightmare….

There is not one God.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


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Workers at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have told the ABC that contaminated water has most likely been seeping into the sea since the disaster two-and-a-half years ago.

The Fukushima disaster is likely to get far worse, if you can believe thatThe upshot is that the Fukushima disaster is not only far worse than you’ve been told; it’s very likely going to be worse than you could ever imagine. The radiation leak isn’t plugged, in other words, and another explosion — which many experts believe might be imminent — would release thousands of times more nuclear material into the open environment.

Ultimately, the entire Northern hemisphere has been placed at risk by a bunch of corporate bureaucrats who thought building a nuclear facility in the path of a sure-to-happen tidal wave was a fantastic idea. Instead of acknowledging the problem and working to fix it like a responsible person would, our world’s top politicians and ass-coverers have decided it is in their best short-term interests to play along with the TEPCO fairy tale which ridiculously pretends that radioactive leaks can be controlled by wishful thinking.

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Very likely some of Fukushima’s melted cores have moved into the earth — “It’s beyond containment right now”
Paul Gunter director of the reactor oversight project at Beyond Nuclear: Indications are right now that the reactor structures themselves have been breached.
It’s very likely that some of the radioactive material — the melted cores — have moved into the earth.
So it’s beyond containment right now.
I think that’s the tragedy that we see unfolding as Fukushima’s radioactive water crisis is only beginning.


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