The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer

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The Nibiru Sunset_CROPPED_3377AAA

Below you will find 65 0f the 150 the full high resolution photographs of The Nibiru Sunset, CROPPED CLOSE UPS.

My, in blue text signature ‘Daniel J Towsey‘ is the same size in each photo.

Where my signature appears larger the crop is smaller (closer).

Where my signature appears smaller the crop is larger (farther out).

The file numbers of each of these 65 photos are the same as the original post where the with 150 photos that are full sized originals.


The Nibiru Sunset_CROPPED_3349AAA

Click on any image below for more options. Press F11 on your keyboard for full screen.

These photographs are in their correct sequential order as the sun is coming down in the late afternoon of April 3 2013 over Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. The reason why the dimmer suns (planets or Nibiru) are normally not visible to the naked eye is because the much brighter closer sun’s light drowns out the dimmer farther back Nibiru sun, that is farther back. It appears the Nibiru and its orbiting planets is coming much closer to earth every day. The geo-engineers have been making sure for the past 8 months that there is always clouds hiding the sun when it is low in the atmosphere, possibly so we or I can not capture images or to keep people from seeing Nibiru.


Bride of Christ

My husband  and I and our boys saw Nibiru one day after a thunderstorm had passed,we saw it at an angle to the Sun…it was smaller than the Sun and it was extremely bright,yet the Sun was shining BEHIND IT. Anyone who had eyes to see could tell it was not the Sun. My family and I set there in the Taco Bell parking lot in complete awe or what we were witnessing. Every video I have seen,it looks exactly like what we saw that day. People can say what they want and deny it all day long but I know what all 4 of us saw that incredible day! I believe it is Nibiru and I have believed it since 2011 when i first started studying about it and others who believe. IT IS COMING!!!

@ 1:14 I have seen something like that here in Chicago IL., but I have never thought of getting my camera out to record….nice pictures.. 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Nibiru Sunset CROPPED CLOSE UPS”

  1. Remember, the atmosphere has been so radically modified by chemtrails the result could likely cause a “mirage” to appear to a ground-based camera. None of the Space weather satellites can confirm what you show here. Thanks for working on it.


  2. Thank you for posting these photos of your extensive proof of PX. Sorry, I am not convinced with these images. I am sure I am not the only one.


  3. X is real and out there but lots of disinfo out there too to discredit X.
    All we know is that something major for the planet is going down in the near future(OUR LIFE TIME)as the y are preparing for this DUMBS, FEMA, etc etc the list goes on.
    keep speaking the truth as this is the only thing that will set humanity free.


  4. Daniel
    Unfortunately the other poster’s are correct.
    Do you know what a ‘Sun-Dog’ is? You need to Google it.
    I’m a Nibiru believer and I’ve been seeing pictures of a second Suns for 5 years now which, is impossible because Nibiru is orbiting – not just sitting beside the Sun for 5 years.
    The ‘second sun’s’ in your pics seem to be the same size as our Sun which by the way is 895,000 miles in diameter compared to just less than 8000 for Earth.
    I don’t think anyone is accusing your pictures of being fake – just your conclusions which I’m sad to say actually detract anyone seriously looking for Planet X from doing so further when they realise that these pics, and thousands more like them on the web are due to atmospheric conditions here on Earth and NOT a million mile wide fire-ball that happens to be sitting still beside the Sun which can’t be seen from SOHO, STEREO or HELIOSPHERE viewers for some reason? Do you have an explanation for that?
    You don’t have to believe me though – get onto any meteorological site and search ‘SUNDOG’.
    Please, please, educate yourself before claiming that you have proof of anything and remember, if one day you did actually picture something worth seeing then like the man who cried wolf, no-one’s going to listen because of your false claims made today.
    Keep looking though, but next time you post – try ‘Look at these guys and tell me what you think’ instead of proof that turns out to be nothing.


    1. Sorry but sun dog is a stupid and meaningless definition…keep looking at all my photos, like the shadow in the atmosphere.. how do clouds create shadows above them?
      Keep looking and you will see much that your comment does not explain..
      The sun dog story is pure crap..and you should go check out that Obama shut down all live feeds from NASA and the satellites..
      Nothing the corporate governments tell us is truth..The matrix has lied to humanity about EVERYTHING FOREVER…
      You also can not explain how is it that the sun is in front of the clouds?


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