The Nibiru Sunset

The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer

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Below you will find the gallery of the complete 150 high resolution full sized 4000px by 3000px photos that is related to the previous post.

“Can You Explain This Sunset”.

I recommend you see the original post first as it has explanations and the best photos in the first post are not in this post.

Learn much more about chemtrails here.

Here is a note to help you understand how my camera and most cameras work.

Cameras have automatic exposure (brightness) control.

They adjust the brightness of the image.

So what is happening here is that when the brightest object, being what appears to be our sun is being blocked by thin clouds.

The dimmer objects in the back ground, if not blocked by clouds.

Will be brighter and more visible, due to the camera automatically adjusting the brightness.

These photographs are a result of my knowing what is happening in the sky and my observing the sunsets every day.

I was very fortunately to get these great images. It also helps that I use a great Canon camera that can achieve up to 200 times zoom.

In the images below you can see the larger (left) Nibiru dwarf star and another unnamed star above our Sun.

These objects are far away behind our Sun.

Remember that Nibiru has many planet, moons and other objects going around it.

It is like a galaxy coming through our galaxy.

Unfortunately NASA can never be trusted to tell the people truth. Since the world has now proven beyond any doubt, that they never went to the moon and man never went out of our Earths orbit.

The moon landings are a hoax. Ask yourself, How did they get the moon buggy on the moon?


Here is an explanation of what you are going to see in the photos below.

First you need to understand that Nibiru is actually a solar system with planets, stars, moons, meteorites and more. It is approaching and entering into our solar system.

Below you will see what appears to be project bluebeam at work.

There is a huge light orb in our sky below the clouds. This light is causing the shadows of the clouds on the upper chemtrail skin that has been sprayed around our atmosphere.

The orb is positioned to obscure and hide the objects in the outer space.

H.A.A.R.P. and project blue beam can and do project a fake sky day and night.

That chemtrails shield can and is used to project a fake sky. Keep reading. This is really going to sound nuts. But I will explain it all for you.

Some people have noticed that for the past ten months our skies have been obscured with heavy clouds and particularly at sunset.

This is to keep us from seeing what is truly in the sky or not in the sky.

The orb is placed in front of the Nibiru objects when they are visible so that we can not see them.

The light orb is providing the light and energy that our real sun used to provide.

Now if you are one that has researched the thousands of pyramids on out planet.

Pyramids that are as old as a million years. Yes! You would understand the real history of our planet.

I can not possibly explain everything here and now.

Just keep reading.

Alien intelligent life forms are very real, but are not of flesh as some have been foolishly led to believe.

These aliens are of energy and we can understand that as being spirits.

There are bad and good spirits.

There are good spirits trying to save us and our planet.

They have been responsible for creating our protective fake atmosphere we call chemtrails.

Our planet earth is actually being moved away through space by these spirits.

They are taking us out of harms way.

Oh the pyramids are an ancient defense system that was built to protect our planet from Nibiru.

That old system failed. Earth has previously gone through many extinction events due to the passing of Nibiru.

But this time, these spirits, that are as old as time, are here to save us.

They are trying to do it so we, the average low IQ person can not and will not be aware of what is actually happening.

This is only a very simplified explanation of what these photos below are about.

But yes there are spirits that have physical form and actual space crafts.

Actually there are countless space crafts all around our planet and in our solar system.

It is like a universal rescue going on by numerous different aliens.

Have a look at my page above showing alien ships using the sun as a gas station to refuel their crafts.

You can have a look at my photos of UFO’s in front of the sun. I have more photos like these to upload.

Another thing to consider is the huge hole in our northern hemisphere sky in the ozone that is permitting solar radiation into our atmosphere.

There seems to be many things happening.

The trees and foliage world wide is dying from radiation and the aluminum fall out from the chemtrails spraying.

We are far from safe but we have been given a message in the sky.

The ‘Heart in the sky’ is a friendly message from the good spirits.

Here is another piece of the puzzle. Have you noticed the stars in the sky are no longer there? Where did the big Dipper go?

I myself have not seen it in at least a year.

The sky has almost no stars visible. At most I see maybe four or five in the whole night sky.

The Nibiru Sunset_3350AAAThe Nibiru Sunset_3362AAThe Nibiru Sunset_3499

The Gods of Captain Bill’s NIBIRU or ELENIN – 2013

Published on Jan 22, 2013

New Earth Frequency ET. Next Events 24 New. 2013 The Sun Yellowstone. 2013 – The Sun. 98 ANSWERS OF ALIEN. 99 ANSWERS OF ALIEN.

Captain Bill Channel Message. Mythi – Alien from Andromeda Compact Series – video 01. Nibiru Effect – Video. by Captain Bill. NIBIRU or ELENIN. Nibiru Elenin The immediate.

ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN. Next Events 24. Atlanticobr channel my views. Nibiru 2013. 96 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA. 100 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA.

Explain this sunset


Published on Aug 26, 2016

Video by GabeHashTV

My comment;

Wow you make comments in your video as if you are the absolute know it all. You have many of my photos in your video and I assure you your comments are completely wrong…… and yes these visions are visible with the naked eye but i do not recommend that you go staring at the sun … for then you may truly become blind to reality….this slideshow is of high resolution stills, and please do come to my site to see my multiple high resolution videos of many more events… thanks.. One more thing, it would be respectful and lawful to list your sources when available especially when you are using my copyrighted photos without my permission…
The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer

Click on first image for more option and manual slideshow. Press F11 on your keyboard for full screen.

I recommend that you download a huge image so that you can zoom in to it, to see the fine details. You will be amazed how much more you will notice when you zoom in near the sun..

Former NASA scientist admits Nibiru is real!

Published on Feb 8, 2014

A former NASA scientist is interviewed about “Wormwood” aka Nibiru/PlanetX and he clearly explains that it made plenty headlines in the 50’s but then all of a sudden they no longer talked about it and they no longer allowed the public to see it coming in…
There are headlines from “The Washington Post” from December, 1955 I believe… Here’s the link to that article:

Thanks for watching! Please spread the word so everyone can prepare!!

2014 – Nibiru – the Planet X New World Order Agenda – Graphic Content

Published on Jun 16, 2014

Made for content. Why isn’t Nibiru seen? Nemesis?

Because it has it’s own dust disk.

Using factual evidence, and theoretical, I try to present the evidence that, perhaps, We are already in a time

Where human beings can be turned, instantly, into soldiers, at the mere push of a button, and all across the globe. A global instant army to defend against any alien race?

Can it happen? Is it real?

You do the math and come to vvhatever conclusions you decide. NIbiru is on its way but are the Anunnaki, or Nephilim coming to Earth with all the wrong intentions?

Dwelling in a world of science fiction I present to you some strange facts in this video.
IF you vvatch all of this video?

You’ll be more human and a lot smarter. Natural disasters are becoming so frequent that it’s not too hard to consider that something bigger is about to happen at any given moment.
Imagine nano particles that can enter your body through your lungs and into your very blood cells and brain cells which can control ‘you’ to do things you, normally, would never do.

Imagine being turned into a virtual zombie war machine?. Is it possible?

After vvatching this video you’ll find out that it is not impossible but rather, probable.
Is the human race being depopulated for reasons that actual pertain to aliens?


Dave Rades says, this veteran needs hi profile for safety

Mick West says

Debbie Bower Seidel says,

  • Nicole Carp solar mirror effect
    from the aluminium micro-particles…
  • Chemtrails In Our Skies Have a close look in the pictures below..

    You will see what appears to be a second sun behind the brighter one..

    This sure looks like planet X.. Nibiru?
  • Nicole Carp probably..
  • Yn Chtt indeed obvious
  • Lizzy Woo Lens flare……learn how cameras work
  • Chemtrails In Our Skies Lizzy..I know how cameras need to learn how they work….That is not lens flare….
  • Lizzy Woo y not……………

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