Can You Explain This Sunset

The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns 3D slideshow by The Visionary Folk Photographer

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Below are just a few pictures from the full series. See my full 150 photos series entitled The Nibiru Sunset, then see the CLOSE UP CROPS post.

These photos are full sized 4000px by 3000px high resolution photos that you can download. Just click on any image to see the full sized image. Right click to download. Please see my copyright notice.

See this original post here that has related videos and supporting information articles.

In the pictures below I identified planet X as the sun. I should of stated that the brighter object is the sun. Also the date should of been April 3rd 2013. Pictures were taken over Halifax looking west over land.

The flare above the sun in the zoomed out images were visible with the naked eye. Which is why I began taking pictures and saw the other objects when I zoomed in. These objects were visible to the naked eye and not camera lens defects..

Here is another thought. The dwarf  (sun?) Nibiru is not normally visible to the naked eye because it is presently behind the much brighter sun. The clouds acted as a camera lenses filter blocking some of the suns brightness, making it possible to photograph the dimmer light of Nibiru. Nibiru is not the only other planetary body coming into our solar system.

Also for your understanding. Nibiru and the other objects do not emit their own light. It and the other objects are visible because our sun is illuminating the objects. These objects will not be lit after passing in front of the sun, then they will be in shadow and only visible as a black object when in front of the sun. These objects are only visible when their moving orbits brings then close to our sun.

Explain this sunset_3340AExplain this sunset_3347AA Explain this sunset_3348AA Explain this sunset_3349AAA Explain this sunset_3374 Explain this sunset_3380 Explain this sunset_3383 Explain this sunset_3464 Explain this sunset_3475 Explain this sunset_3484


4 thoughts on “Can You Explain This Sunset”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if any one has ever tried to explain what is going on in your pictures on this page. I have been researching Nibiru off and on for the last year. I never believed it but I am really starting to second guess the reality of this planet. Thanks, Nancy

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