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Many people such as I call the bright lit up round object beside the sun another sun…

I think that it is a huge object that is behind our sun and when it is near our sun it lights it up when it is close behind it, that is why it is not visible at other times because our sun is not lighting it up, and yes there is also a big red object and many smaller ones…Welcome Nibiru SunsetThe Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns 3D HD slideshow

by The Visionary Folk Photographer

See full post here.

The Eye of GodAMAZING PlanetX Nibiru Multiple Suns Rise Over Halifax Dec 08 2014

This site is about Nibiru also known by other names such as planet X.

And other strange anomalies with the sun.

The dwarf star Nibiru is not the only object coming in.

Nibiru has its own planets, satellites, moons, comets and other debris orbiting it.

Here you will see my full sized high resolution photos up to 4000px by 3000px

of very unusual events in the sky.

All the photographs on this site are my original images

which you can download and use on conditions of my copyright.

Please see my copyright notice below.

My main photography site is here.

The Visionary Folk Photographer PROMO ANIMATED

See more of my photographs and videos to learn much more about Chemtrails

and Stratospheric Geo-engineering at,

Also see this site.

TheSunOfGod Sunset 11 29 2013_6974 06 25 2013_3697 GLOW-ArmdaleIs this Pluto Over Halifax Or A UFO See strange Nano Fibers In Close Up

UFO's In Front of the Sun 04_7865A

Explain this sunset_3374

The Nibiru Sunset_CROPPED_3349AAA

Planet X Nibiru (10) Rainbow Sun 06 20 2013_2807A

Planet X & CHEMTRAILS Sky1357

Chemtrails_4164 BrokenSun_1807AA Rainbow Sun 06 20 2013_2730AMoon Super Hi-Res_1291AAUFO Front of Sun June 6 2013_0601AUFO in space_02A Nibiru Sunset_CROPPED_3374AAA2013.11.27_02h02m33s_003_

Multiple Suns Rise_6769 06 21 2013_2891

Tower On The Moon_2123AAA 01 14 2013_2043AAA UFO

12 19 2013 UFOS Beside the Moon_8428AA

moon 09 11 2012_5895AAUnnatural Sunset 11 29 2013_7021Copy of moon 08 30 2012_Amazing Mystery Plane

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Daniel your presence here on planet Earth has been quite refreshing.

The fellow that is friends with Sasquatch described the pole shift as follows:
Since the magnetic north pole is moving about 30 or so miles a year it is like a bow being stretched.
When the bow reaches the point of let go then the earth itself will flip. Cheers brother.
koka SKYrecordz
Thanks God that we got linked & work since now togather! you were exactly what I am.
Looking every day in the sky, and saw what the NWO is hiding from us.
It’s all about Nibiru.
from chemtrails up to microwaves etc. !!
so far for the moment 😉

FAKE✈’s #04 | CHEMTRAIL NOT from PLANE! UFO! skywatchMARL

Published on Apr 18, 2014

Nein, es ist keine Sonnen-Reflektion
No, it’s not a sun-refletion.

location: skywatch MARL – Germany
date: 26. April 2014

FB: /kokathesky
TW: /skywatchMARL

11 thoughts on “The Nibiru Sunset Website”

  1. I saw a circle right next to our sun during sun set in San Jose, CA at 5p.m. after picking up my daughter from school. It was very visible to the naked eye. I tried to take a picture of it from my smart phone but it came out to not to be that visible. As looking at it, our sun and the planet kind of merged into one or because earth rotates so it made it seem our sun and the planet aligned at that moment from where we were standing. My husband has been following Planet X I was bummed he missed it while it was there in the naked eye! I was skeptical about it all along until I saw it with my own eyes. I want to see again and I wish those clouds they make or shall I call it King Trails (?????) would just go away so everyone sitting in the traffic heading west would witness it too! It was amazing!

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  2. I have taken some picture of the sky 3 days in a row and 2nd and 3th day i see a blue object in the sky ive taken alot of picture of it but in 1 of the picture i noticed the blue planet moved a lil to the rigth then pic after back on its place and i had a steady table making these pics so i know i didnt move the camera so i was wondering if someone could explain this


    Date: 2014-09-07 18:06


    WITH LIMITED WARNING. This is likely to happen before 2016 or 2017. Many
    early indicators are occurring as cited above, but mainly, a second (small
    blob-like) sun will next become visible in daylight by eyesight — but
    apparently already visible with multiple moons and trailing dust/rock
    clouds per select photos (re Nibiru)



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